Technical Seo: Why Is It An Important Ranking Factor?

technical seo


Are you investing your company’s time, money & resources to build outstanding content & link building? Regardless of how hard you’re trying to rank your website. Nothing seems to work your way. Is it your story? If yes. You might be taking something lightly. Probably technical Seo. Therefore, we’re here to introduce you to why technical SEO is an important ranking factor.

Technical SEO is all about helping to rank your pages or not even crawling them at all. It’s not easy, but we’re trying to get you through everything that can help you to rank your important pages on google.

For a business, SEO is crucial to get in front of your customer when they search for what your company offers. But, along with it. There are other things as well you should invest in to generate higher conversions. Yes! Such as your sales funnel, quality of your website design & content, email strategies, and many more.

All of these strategies determine your conversion rate, once users land on your site how effective your lead-generating strategies are, and when they become your customer what strategies you use to retain them matters a lot for the rapid growth of your business in the digital era.

If you want to turn around your business from striving to thriving, implementing digital marketing is the only way to do that. And, the best way around learning digital marketing is from the top digital marketing course in Jaipur or from the institute in your city that provides hands-on practical training & providential strategies.

I have just introduced you to a threshold that allows you to build a massive online business.

Now, let’s get back to learning technical Seo ranking factors that determine your ranking on SERP. But, before that let’s understand what exactly is technical SEO.

What Is Technical Seo?

Technical SEO is a crucial part of Seo-On Page optimization. It involves making website pages faster to load and easier to crawl & understand for search engines.

Google bot focuses on providing the best information & user experience when a user searches for a query on google. Neither the bot nor the user likes the page that takes forever to load & not reaching to the destination. where users want to because of dead links on the website such as error 400.

Now you have pretty much gained the insight into why you need to focus on important components of technical SEO for better ranking on SERP.

Let’s dive deeper to learn why technical SEO is important that spurs you up to invest in technical SEO & would enable your pages to rank higher.

Technical Seo: Why It’s An Important Ranking Factor

Ranking of your website’s important pages determines the traffic, conversion, and revenue for your business. Doesn’t matter how much informative, engaging & SEO-optimized content you generate or get links from the great website. If your website technical SEO is not up to the mark. Your endeavors might not bring the results you deserve.

So, let’s understand the importance of technical SEO thoroughly.

1.   Faster Page Loading

speed optimizationDo you know? 2 seconds delay in your website page loading can increase your bouncing rate by 103%. On the other hand, if your page speed improves just by 0.01% it can boost the conversion rate by 8%.

Yes! The faster your website loads the better user experience it provides. And, this is an important factor Google Bots focus on in terms of ranking the website.

In technical SEO you need to check your website loading time regularly, and if it’s not fast find out what’s causing slow website loading. It can be the images, plugins, unnecessary codes, and videos on your website.

You can check your website speed by tools such as GT matrix, google page speed insight, web page test, sema text, etc.

2.   Identify Crawling Errors

technical errorsChances are if you’re not focusing on the technical aspect of SEO. Some of your website pages are difficult to get crawled by Google Spiders. Crawling is the initial stage, in that google spider reads links & codes on your website and indexes them.

If there is any code that instructs the crawler to crawl but not index your content, your page will never rank.

First and foremost, you need to identify your crawling errors. Every website has dead links, errors every then and now. If you don’t identify them or fix the errors it will restrain your pages to rank.

3.   Helps To Identify Dead Links

404 pageBroken links are common for every website. But, the important thing is to keep checking them and get rid of them as fast as possible.

You don’t want your users to be frustrated by getting them landed on a 404 error. So is the google spider.

Through website auditing, you can find out those broken links & delete them right away to improve your user experience and please the google bot.

Don’t forget to redirect your user to the page they are searching for after deleting the broken link. And, for searching the broken links you can use google console.

4.   Ensure Your Website Is Secure

sslSecurity of user’s data is the first thing google ensures and you should also be. If a website is not secured it can prevent your customers from instantly moving forward.

Now the question is how do you identify if your website is secure for your users or not. It’s really simple to identify. If your website domain contains https:// in it. It implies your website has a secured certificate installed already.

And, if your website doesn’t have a security certificate you need to install a wild card security certificate for avoiding your users coming across SSL certificate errors. Undoubtedly, a security certificate is the most important factor of technical SEO. Not only for Google but also for your customers as well. You can’t afford to lose your customer’s and this is why technical SEO is an important ranking factor.

5.   Helps To Make Website Mobile Optimized

mobile optimization61% of users admit they are more likely to purchase from a website that is mobile optimized. Reason being, mobile is Handley and the most used device that is responsible for generating on an average 52.2% traffic to the sites.

And, the ideal website loading time is 3 seconds for mobile. If it’s over, it can throw off some valuable user’s getting on your website.

Before you try to rank your pages ensure your website is fully mobile optimized & provides a better experience to the user.

Now the question is how do you make your website optimized for mobile? Well, for doing that you can implement some easy practices such as compressed images, light CSS, readable fonts, remove pops, and improving buttons & other elements size according to the mobile screen.

6.   Identify Duplicate Content

the website development processAround 29% of websites face issues with duplicate content. However, it doesn’t affect your users at all. But for search engines, it’s a mess.

Search bot gets difficult to choose between identical content which one they should rank. And, this affects your ranking to a much higher level.

Checking plagiarism of your website is one of the best technical SEO techniques you can use. It will help you to identify the same content on different pages on your website.

Once you get that. You can instruct search engines bot which page you want to rank higher by adding URL of identical content in canonical tag. It helps search engines to understand which one is the important page to crawl & rank.

7.   Optimize Meta Data

meta dataEven though you have optimized your content with keywords strategically to rank in SERP. But, is it enough to get your content rank? No! Non-optimized metadata makes it hard for the search engine bot to understand what your content is all about.

If you’re willing to make your content search engine friendly. Optimizing the meta data of your content is imperative for you to do. In order to do this, you need to adjust keywords in technical components of your content such as title, slug, meta description, alt text, and headings.

But, it doesn’t mean that you can add as many keywords as you want in order to rank them. It needs to be done strategically. You only need to place primary keywords in these technical elements in a way that feels natural to search engines as well as users.

8.   Figure Out Keyword Cannibalization

google-messages-starts-rolling-out-top-search-bar-in-betaWhen your websites’ identical keywords are fighting with each other to rank higher on SERP it is called keyword cannibalization. It doesn’t only get search engines in confusion but also divides CTR, page authority, and traffic to both pages.

For figuring out cannibalizing keywords, you can use google console to find out if any keywords of your website are playing against each other. After finding out, you can improve keyword cannibalization by combining & optimizing content, using 301 directions, and leveraging internal links.


Taking technical SEO for granted can put your website into dire straits and deprive your keywords to rank. In this article, I have introduced you to why technical SEO is an important ranking factor & also gave you insight into how you can solve technical issues in your website for ranking. So, roll your sleeves up to do your website auditing and find out technical errors that need to be fixed right away.

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