5 Digital Marketing Tips for Franchise Businesses

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As a franchise owner, you have a unique opportunity for digital marketing success. While your franchise is part of a larger corporation, each business location has its own audience.

This means you can promote your business online without competing against the parent company— as long as you’re careful about which keywords you target in advertisements and how you build your reputation.

Working with a digital marketing agency that specializes in franchise website builder can help you take advantage of these opportunities.

Creating Professional Websites

The first step to marketing franchise businesses online is to establish websites. The parent corporation possesses a professional website, but it doesn’t help the customers in specific locations to explore franchises. When businesses begin a new website, a few critical pages help to achieve success. They include:

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Contact page or directions page

Home Page

The home page is critical because it exhibits an online presence in the franchise business. It is similar to the storefront, which should appear attractive, represent the brand, and entice people to visit and buy products and services.

About Page

It matters because it showcases what the franchise business does. When people don’t hear about the parent corporation, the About page gives a quick synopsis. The About page communicates the approach to the franchise business, the work atmosphere, and the uniqueness of the franchise.

Contact or Directions page

The page should include the address, phone number, company name, and operation hours. Engaging a tech-savvy franchise website builder helps incorporate Google Maps so that it is easy for people to find the business. Setting up a header bar on every website page with links to other franchise pages helps easy navigation.

Leveraging the Advantages of Local SEO

Local SEO helps businesses add search engine directories and review websites so that people can find the exact franchise locations online. Google Business Profile (GBP) is the most effective local SEO directory. It enables franchises to include phone numbers, operation hours, addresses, and business names and show them in the search results. It helps potential customers understand or learn everything about franchise businesses. Localizing the SEO helps franchises grab the maximum attention of the customers and drive business growth.

Getting Links from the Community Websites

The municipality owns an official website, whether a franchise business operates in a major city or a small town. It indicates that the municipality wants to advertise or promote businesses. For franchises, it translates to the scope to get links from the local government or authority. Community links are powerful in SEO when they come from genuine government sources. To acquire community links from local governmental authorities, contacting and requesting the same is ideal. Explaining the authority about the local business with local employees concept facilitates franchises the power of local SEO and the high traffic inflow from government websites. A skilled and professional franchise website builder is beneficial in such scenarios.

Leveraging the Benefits of Corporate Websites

In addition to the local government website, franchises can seek the advantages of the parent franchise company. Many corporations allow franchises to leverage resources like product demos and image libraries to advertise and promote sales. Most local corporate representatives are happy to give franchisees the resources to enhance sales, like videos, images, and links from genuine government sites. It helps to improve the local SEO power in several ways to attract, engage, and convert visitors into valuable customers.

Creating Social Media Profiles

After setting up the websites, franchises can extend their online presence by creating social media profiles. Starting with profiles on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is helpful. In addition, leveraging benefits from profiles on Pinterest and LinkedIn is beneficial for franchises. The advantage of creating social media profiles is their magnificent user base. With billions of worldwide users, franchises attract, engage, and convert audiences into customers by regularly posting and acquiring new followers. Furthermore, social media platforms deliver one-on-one communication, and quick responses make it great for businesses to create brand awareness.


To leverage the benefits of digital marketing, a franchise business seeks the professional experience and skills of a franchise website builder. Website builders have the understanding and the know-how of multiple digital marketing tools, strategies, and tactics to incorporate them optimally and drive business growth and development.

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