How Mobile Apps Assisted People Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Imagine, for a moment, that the COVID-19 pandemic struck sometime in the early 1990s, instead of 2020 – before the advent of smartphones and mobile apps.

Things would have looked a lot different. You would not have enjoyed video calls with loved ones as you stayed indoors under public advisement. There would be no on-demand delivery, forcing you to brave the supermarkets and restaurants despite health concerns. For entertainment, you’d be at the mercy of whatever’s on television – which, late at night, was not a lot. And when you called your family doctor’s receptionist with a health issue, you would have crossed your fingers hoping that the wait wasn’t too long.

While COVID-19 was – and still is – an unmitigated tragedy, we can at least be thankful it occurred at a time of burgeoning mobile app advancements. As this article explores, trailblazing mobile app developers were some of the unsung champions of the pandemic, affording us greater access to health services, contactless amenities, easy entertainment – and one another.

Mobile Apps that Assisted People Through the Pandemic

Here are a few types of mobile apps that assisted people through the pandemic…

1. mHealth

As smartphone penetration surged over the last five years, health practitioners and mobile app development companies partnered up, leveraging the newly adopted technology to ensure a more level playing field for healthcare access.

The result was mHealth: healthcare supported by mobile apps.The rise of mHealth could not have come at a better time.Mobile apps make it easier for patients and clients to book appointments, and easier for clinics to manage appointments and coordinate staffing. Apps also remove many of the physical barriers surrounding healthcare access – through on-demand pharmacy delivery, virtual patient care, IoT-enabled health monitoring, chatbot diagnoses, and more.

Finally, throughout the course of the pandemic, mHealth apps connected several people with mental health professionals through virtual sessions and consultations. For many, mHealth apps proved to be an invaluable lifeline during a challenging period.

2. On-Demand Retail

The rise of m-commerce and the COVID-19 pandemic weren’t completely concurrent. Even before March 2020, mobile retail accounted for an increasing percentage of overall e-commerce. But the pandemic was a catalyst for m-commerce activity, giving rise toa new generation ofon-demand apps – from grocery and restaurant delivery, to fashion and household goods.

One particular mobile app development company had its finger on the pulse: Even before the pandemic, TheAppLabb created retail apps that leveraged emerging technologies, AI-powered customer service bots and intuitive ordering to make the customer experience as fast and frictionless as possible. These apps made contactless ordering a straightforward and intuitive experience.

3. Communication

For several months of varying lockdown requirements, mobile communication apps were the glue that held people together. They connected families. They kept old friends in touch. And they even introduced like-minded strangers who could bond over similar interests.

Everyone’s heard of the big communication apps: WhatsApp, Zoom, various social media messaging platforms, etc. But the pandemic also gave rise to a renaissance of niche communication tools: local sports league apps, grid-based video sharing apps, apps that provided resources for new immigrants, and many more. It’s hard to imagine the last two years without these pocket-sized communication engines.

The Takeaway

Each of these app categories represents a step forward in dealing with global crises. They are the definition of “making the best of a bad situation.”As things slowly return to normal, it’s worthwhile reflecting on how forward-thinking app developers and entrepreneurs partnered to create timely solutions. If nothing else, these mobile apps are a testament to humans’ ability to adapt, even in the toughest times.

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