Path of Exile – Best Classes Guide: Things You Should Know

path of exile


Undoubtedly, Path of Exile is the best ARPG video game that supports both Single-player and Multiplayer modes.

Therefore, many classes and ascendancies are available, and most players get confused about which is better and worse.

So, we jump in to help you choose the best classes and their builds with our Top Best Player versus Environment Classes.

Before starting the game, you should learn about Path of Exile Currency and how to utilize them to unlock additional items.

1. Necromancer

She is a queen of the undead and can control waves of minions while dealing with problems. The class is designed to get the most work out of minions and corpses. Therefore, defeating enemies isn’t a big deal for Necromancer for those who know how to utilize her abilities. You should choose the class only if you love commanding hordes of minions while keeping yourself behind a wall of zombies.

2. Occultist

Occultist is the second-best character that shines in cold and chaotic spells. If it comes to accessing the Profane Bloom (Clearing Tools), then Occultist is the only class you should choose and go to. Besides, the female character is stronger than the Assassin regarding Power Charge Stacking. Apart from that, Occultist comes with the highest damage for any chaos, including extra damage and safety.

3. Deadeye

If you have ever wished to meet the Queen of Projectiles, then consider your dream coming true. Deadeye is a queen you want to meet, and she can manipulate the way to excel further than any other character class. If you are looking for the perfect barrages, you should go with her as Deadeye doesn’t lose damage for Splinters. Besides, she is one of the fastest classes in Path of Exile that can make cruse through enemies.

4. Ascendant

Ascendant comes with unique abilities and is well-known with the name Jack of All Trades found in Path of Exile. The character is a female and can do almost everything you expect from the best characters. Because of her flexibility, she does smooth things since she can stretch from the top right to the top left of the tree.

5. Inquisitor

You would be surprised to know that Inquisitor is acknowledged as a few classes that can go hybrid with ES and Life and be awarded for doing that because of his unique mechanic. Achieving immortality isn’t a big deal for him, as it can be done easily. Furthermore, the character class can ignore the resistance of enemies and can cap critical strikes.

6. Raider

It is the fastest class in Path of Exile that can help you blitz through anyone and almost everywhere. We recommend you to choose it, as it is one of the smoothest classes to play with and experience impressive gameplay. She lacks in the offense but can also double the defense and speed. Therefore, if you are looking for a character with extremely flexible build choices, Raider is the best option. Besides, she can attack, spells, melee, bow, and other things.

The Takeaway

Path of Exile is a fantastic game but it’s best to be in the know, especially when it comes to Path of Exile currency and classes. Hopefully this guide has kicked you off on the right foot.

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