Six Common Server Types

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What is a Server?

A server is a device that provides service to a computer and a client. It stores, sends, and receives data and can be a part of a computer or a device by itself. A client is a person or company that the server provides service to. A server can be one device or a whole room, or even building of devices. Some large companies have whole buildings full of servers that also have dedicated power so that they can remain cooled and always remain on.

The data may be saved on a wide area network or a local area network, wide area network is also known as WAN and local area network is also know as LAN. You can get more information about servers by doing a little research and looking at this site:

Common Types of Servers

There are many types of servers. Here are six common server types that you will often encounter…

Web Server

A web server is something that you access when you search for anything online, such as webpages or other information. To get pictures, texts, videos, and other things that you might see on a webpage, you must access a web server. The same thing happens when you send anything over the internet or to the cloud. Web servers serve many different companies and provide a great deal of information to individuals.

Email Server

An email server is a server that gives you access to email messaging, one that email accounts such as Google or Yahoo have. There are third party email servers, as well, that you can access your email from. If you use Outlook, it is an email server on your computer. Email servers are used by individuals and companies to provide email service to their clients.

Print Server

When you have your printers set up for Wi-Fi, you are also accessing a server to provide for your printing services. Many people use printer servers for their printers nowadays, it is just an easier way to use the printer. Printer servers can also be used by companies, large or small.

Game Server

Game servers are servers that hold all the information for online games. Each game has its own online server, even the smallest of games. Of course, the more popular the game, the bigger the server. Servers can get slowed down if there are many gamers using the same server. Game servers are used by large game manufacturers to keep their games safe from other game manufacturers.

Proxy Server

Many companies use proxy servers, a third-party server that can keep their company’s online data safe. These services will filter content, speed up internet traffic, and stop unauthorized users from accessing company information. These servers also help to keep workers from using unauthorized web content.

Proxy servers are used by companies that want to keep their dedicated servers safe from hackers. You can do your research and find more information about proxy servers by looking at this site. This site gives you all the information you might need to get your proxy server. A proxy server is also often used as a part of a firewall, helping to keep private information even safer for people and companies.

Streaming Video Server

These servers are dedicated to streaming video services, allowing you to access streaming content from the server. These servers hold all the videos, movies, and episodes on them until you access them from your account. These servers are used by large streaming services such as Amazon, Disney +, and other such services.These types of servers are accessed by millions of people each day so that they can enjoy their streaming services.

Notes on Server Pricing

Servers come in all shapes and sizes and have a variety of costs due to that shape and size. The bigger the server the bigger the cost. The bigger servers are used by companies such as Amazon’s cloud or Google’s Drive. Smaller servers prices will be lower because they will not hold as much information. These servers would be the ones that a smaller company might use, meant to keep the information safe. Servers are used by all types of companies to keep their company’s information and their workers safe from hackers.


There are many servers that you can use that will help your home or business out. These servers come in different sizes for different uses, and they can help you in different ways. They all have their specialized uses that can do the jobs that you need to have done. Allof these can help you protect important information and help keep it safe.

Servers can help you in many ways, from allowing you to access your email, connect to Wi-Fi, play your games online and stream your favorite movies and television series. Basically, servers can make your internet activities more personal, secure, and fun.

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