Control and Manage Your Device Smartly with Apps like Smart Life – Smart Living

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Smart Life – Smart Living is an app that lets you control your home devices with your phone. You can turn lights on/off, manage energy usage, and even check security cameras remotely.

It makes life easier by letting you automate tasks, like turning off all lights at bedtime. The app is like a smart home remote in your pocket, making daily living more convenient and efficient.

Tuya Smart

Tuya Smart is an app like Smart Life, that helps control your smart home devices with ease. It lets you manage lights, thermostats, and more from your phone.

What makes it unique is its extensive compatibility with a wide range of devices from different brands. If you have various smart products, Tuya Smart might offer seamless integration.

Tuya Smart app makes it a versatile choice for simplifying your smart home experience.

Home Assistant

Ever wished your home could understand you? That’s what Home Assistant does! It’s like a smart friend for your house.

You tell it what you want, like turning on lights or setting the temperature, and it does the magic. It works with different gadgets, making your home super smart.

Plus, it’s your security guard, keeping an eye on things. It’s the boss of your smart home, making life comfy and safe.

TP-Link Tapo

TP-Link Tapo is an app for managing smart devices at home. With it, you can control lights, plugs, cameras, and more using your phone.

It’s super easy to set up and helps save energy. You can schedule devices to turn on/off automatically.

Plus, it lets you check on your home remotely. Interested in making your home smarter and more convenient?

LG ThinQ

tuya smart appLG ThinQ is an app that controls LG smart devices like TVs and appliances. It lets you monitor and manage them remotely, ensuring a connected home experience.

Similar to Smart Life, it offers home automation, but it’s more specific to LG products.

Smart Life, on the other hand, is more versatile, supporting various brands.

Which app suits your needs better? Check out Smart Life here:

eWeLink – Smart Home

eWeLink – Smart Home is an app that turns your phone into a remote control for your home devices.

You can manage lights, fans, and more from your phone, even when you’re away. The app simplifies daily tasks, letting you set schedules for devices to turn on or off automatically.

It’s like having a smart assistant for your home, making it convenient and easy to control your gadgets with just a few taps on your phone.


Smart Life – Smart Living is like a magic wand for your home. With this app, your phone becomes a remote control for everything at home.

Turn on lights, set the temperature, and keep an eye on things with security cameras, all from your phone. It’s like having a helpful assistant that makes your home comfy, safe, and energy-efficient.

Plus, you can create special rules, making your home do exactly what you want at the tap of a button.

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