Top Mobile Apps for Car Enthusiasts

Top Mobile Apps for Car Enthusiasts


We have long been accustomed to the fact that in our pockets is always a faithful assistant – a smartphone with many installed programs that make our lives easier, more convenient, and more interesting.

Different professional and social groups have their own interests, features, and preferences – and today we will discuss apps that help car enthusiasts.

Such apps will be useful not only for car owners but also for those who prefer to attend luxury car rentals in Dubai. Especially when traveling. For example, across the UAE, you can rent a luxury car.

This is an excellent opportunity to test all the features and functions of any application. It is especially convenient during renting a car because such cars always have new equipment.

Also, a place to hold your phone is conveniently located in rented luxury cars, so it will not make you uncomfortable. Every driver in a luxury rental car will appreciate the convenient location of all equipment.

If you’re a car enthusiast and are looking for the best mobile apps, look no further…

1. MyCar Locator

An interesting app to help you find your car. The app is very useful in large parking lots, unfamiliar streets, cities you’ve never been to, etc. It is an ideal solution for all forgetful and distracted drivers.

2. Maps.Me

A quality detailed free navigator that can work fully in offline mode. Preload maps of the places you plan to visit by a rented car, bike, or on foot, and with Maps.Me your chances of getting lost are close to zero.

You can also find landmarks, hotels, stores, gas stations, ATMs, cafes, and other infrastructure that’s critical when you’re traveling. There is a connection to social networks, as well as third-party applications. For example, you can book a room at without leaving the navigator.

3. AutoGuard Blackbox

This is the “black box” of your rented car. The app allows you to record your entire driving experience, including parameters such as speed and position on the map. You can use it if you want to find your friends on Google Maps and email the recordings. The app also gives you the ability to make a high-quality recording, which can be very useful if you need to provide evidence after you rent a car. The app also gives you quick access to emergency numbers if needed.

4. MultiGO

The app helps you choose where to fill up on your way according to prices, discount offers, and promotions. This is especially useful when traveling long distances, such as on the coast in the summer. There is a filter of gas stations according to the availability of a particular type of fuel. You can also use the app to plan the best route and find a hotel.

5. Redigo

The application combines several functions: a navigator and a handy guide to various cities. Its main advantage is the ability to use the program without the Internet. It is still possible to see where the must-see places are located. The program contains basic information for travel: history, currency, language, phrasebook, and the latest topical events.

6. Airbnb

Traveling by car gives you the opportunity to plan your own trip and take in more than just the tourist routes. Airbnb is used to rent properties all over the world. There are not just apartments and rooms, but also entire homes and luxury villas.

The service also offers a lot of information about local entertainment. The application can help find a good cafe and a knowledgeable guide. Users are attracted by the fact that you can live like a local and choose unusual excursions.

7. Sky Cash

These apps are especially useful in cities where you have to pay for parking of a rented car. You also won’t have to worry about having enough change on hand at all times. You can also save a little money by paying exactly for the time your car was parked – no more, no less. On the other hand, it’s always worth checking if the app works in the city you’re heading to.


As mobile apps evolve, your phone is becoming an increasingly versatile gadget. This selection of mobile apps that are useful to motorists. Some of them you may already be using, while others will be a useful discovery for you.

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