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Preventing Cell Phone Cloning


You might have heard of credit card cloning, but have you heard of cell phone cloning? Maybe you have, perhaps you have not!

Your cell phone might even be cloned right now, and you might have no idea, continue reading this article to learn more on how to stop phone number cloning and also learn tips on how to prevent cell phone cloning.

Preventing Cell Phone Cloning

The act of Cloning a phone is illegal and wrong, but going through the trauma of having your phone cloned without your knowledge or approval is worse.

To avoid phone cloning, it is vital that you, first of all, know what it means to clone a phone, the characteristics of a cloned phone, and how to prevent cell phone cloning.

Phone cloning is hacking a cell phone to associate its identity data with another device. It is like having a replica of your phone and all the data in another phone without you knowing about it.

Some of the ways you can quickly identify that your device has been cloned are:

  • Receiving messages asking you to reset your device.
  • Unknown calls or text messages appear on your cell phone.
  • Excessive accumulation of untraceable phone bills.
  • You no longer receive calls or text
  • You are receiving multiple messages from your cellular provider informing you that your SIM card has been updated.

5 Steps to Prevent Cell Phone Cloning

The next thing you need to know is how to prevent cloning of phone. There are various ways to help prevent your SIM or phone from being cloned by hackers. Below are some of them:

1. Keep your phone close

The first step to stop phone number cloning is always to keep your device handy or very close to you. You might not know the intentions of the next person sitting close to you, so do everything possible to secure your phone because if you do not, any person can quickly get your phone’s information. Your phone’s data, like your IMEI or ESN codes, can be used to clone your phone.

2. Do not pick up unknown calls or reply to unknown texts

Another way to stop someone from cloning your phone is by ignoring calls and text messages you get from unknown numbers. A hacker might clone your phone by simply sending a text message containing a link to your phone. Once you click on the link,  your phone becomes prone to a virus or malware attack, and from there,  the hacker gets all the information he needs to clone your phone.

3. Always turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

To stop phone number cloning, ensure that your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned off immediately after use. If your phone connections are left open,  they become prone to hackers, and these hackers can easily make use of these open connections to hack and clone your phone.

4. Monitor your phone bill

It is also essential to keep a close watch on your phone bills is also crucial. If you see that your weekly or monthly bills are out of proportion and you can not account for how the bill came about, then your phone might just have been cloned.  When your phone is cloned, all the expenses the hacker accumulates will appear as part of your phone bill, and of course, you wouldn’t be happy paying for services that someone else used. So ensure that you check your phone bills regularly for out-of-place

5. Avoid Unauthorized Downloads

You can also prevent cell phone cloning by downloading applications from authorized sites. Do not download applications from unauthorized websites. Also, do not click on any link that leads you to download any app. It is infested with malware or viruses.

The Takeaway

Phone cloning is hacking a cell phone to associate its identity data with another device. To avoid phone cloning, it is vital that you be informed and follow best practices such as the tips in this guide.

Other ways to prevent cell phone cloning; they include; investing in device protection services,  clearing out cookies and caches from your browsers and other apps, and many more.

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