Tips To Launch A New Website

tips to launch a website


Whether you’ve just started a new business or are finally jumping on the bandwagon to create your very own website, you likely have many questions. Trying to figure out just where to start may be holding you back. Luckily, we’re going to share with you some of our best tips on how to launch a new website.

DIY Website Creation

If you’re a bit strapped for cash, then you’re likely going to be creating your website on your own. There are a few things that you’ll need to consider right off of the bat. First, you’ll need to decide on the platform that you’ll be using.

A quick search online will reveal a number of different platforms that you can use. The most popular are WordPress and Wix. Wix tends to be a platform built for ease of use for those that are not overly experienced in website design. While WordPress does offer some easy to follow templates, it allows for more customization if you understand coding.

Next, you’ll need a domain address and a host. Your domain address will simply be what lies between the www and com. This is an important aspect of your site as it’s how users can easily find you. Don’t make it overcomplicating as people don’t remember long names. Also, you’ll need to pick out your hosting provider. There are a ton of hosts out there for you to choose from. Opt for reputable ones that offer quick load times.

DIY Website Design

If you have some money to spend on a design, you really should consider doing so. However, with that said, not everyone does. If you’re already strapped from paying for the domain, platform, and hosting, then you may be stuck designing your own website. There are a ton of design factors that you’ll need to consider.

Some basic guidelines that we’ll provide you with are:

    • Always Think From The Perspective Of The Viewer
    • Use Lots Of Whitespace To Make Your Site An Easy Read
    • Don’t Forget About Easy Site Navigation
    • Viewers Prefer Videos Over Large Bouts Of Text

As you start the design process, it’s best to get the main information put down. This will be your contact information, services, products, history, and so forth. Once you have everything that you want to include on your website, then it’s time to worry about the design and SEO optimization.

Outsource Website Setup And Design

If you can afford to pay someone to set up and design your website, we highly recommend doing so. Just the website setup process can be a large feat to accomplish for one that is not too technology-savvy. Spending your time doing what you do best, and paying an expert to handle your website setup can save you a lot of frustration and time.

When it comes to designing a website, it should ideally be completed by a website designer. They have the foundational knowledge to craft a website that not only looks good but is SEO-friendly. This is one main area that is hard for an average person to understand without the proper knowledge.

Website design and SEO experts have the right knowledge for driving traffic to website to enhance your customer base. Just as you will pay your accountant to handle your business finances, you should hire a web designer to handle your online presence.

Tips For Informing Your Customers

Getting your website up and running is a big deal. Once it’s running effectively, it’s time to announce its launch to your client base. One of the best ways to do this is to share the launch on your social media profiles and give customers a reason to visit it.

This could be a simple as a percentage off of their next purchase or service. Be creative and find something that you can give your customers in return for checking out your new website. Some other ways to share your website launch is to email existing clients and verbally alert customers as they visit your office. And, don’t forget to ask your family and friends to share your new website on their social media pages to help spread the word even faster.


Learning how to launch a new website can be a bit challenging at first. You know that you need a website, but you may be confused about platforms, domain addresses, hosting, and search engine optimization. If possible, it’s best to consider hiring out for both website creation and design. This will be the fastest option to get your site up and running. However, this isn’t always feasible for everyone. You may need to invest time in learning these aspects to setup and create your very own website.

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