How To Look Up an Old School Teacher

how to find an old teacher


Many people realize how much they miss their elementary or high school teachers and feel the urge to reach out to them later in life.

Whether you just want to know how they are doing or are looking for a great letter of recommendation to advance your career or pursue higher education, looking up your teacher is a possibility.

Unfortunately, not everyone can boast that they know how to look up an old school teacher. Even those that do only have limited options – so what to do?

Well, here are some great ways you can look up your old high school teacher…

6 Easy Ways to Find Your Old High School Teacher

If you are interested in looking for your old elementary, middle, or high school tutor, you should be prepared to put in the work. It could be exhausting but worth it eventually.

Out of the many methods to use, below are the six easiest ways recommended…

1. Go To Your Alma Mater

An Alma Mater is the best place to start if you want to find a teacher from elementary school. The school is an institution that records every single person who passes through it – teachers, students, or other staff members. By visiting your old school, you will find answers easily. You can consult your middle or high school principal for details about such a person. It is expected that some may not release the person’s information sometimes. Alternatively, you can ask them to be contacted on your behalf and send a message to them. Schools that provide information about an old teacher can allow you to use whatever you’ve been given to find them.

2. Confirm From Old Teachers

There are situations where your alma mater may not be helpful; the next step is confirmation from old teachers. If you are lucky to find an old teacher physically or on social media, you can ask them to help. You may be lucky to have one of them have details about the person – it may or may not be valid, but it is a step forward. For instance, if you’ve been given their phone number, you can contact them or check phonebook address sites to get information about the person’s whereabouts.

3. Find Them on Social Media

Social media is another technique to use if you are looking for anyone, especially a former middle school teacher. You may have limited options regarding this method, but it is worth trying out. For instance, most older people use Facebook, so this platform would work. And to make things easy for you, Facebook only requires entering the person’s full name to find them. The app brings people with that name results so you can check and verify who your teacher is from the photos and bio description.

4. Use People Search Tools

The internet has made finding people easier since people search tools were designed. You can find anybody worldwide as long as they have a digital footprint with these tools or sites. Now, you don’t have to enter “find my elementary school teacher” before using the service; you just need a name and a few other details. These people search tools will scout the internet for everyone bearing that name and provide a profile for each, so you can choose whoever you are looking for. Now, the service could be free or paid, depending on the choice of tool.

5. Visit Last Known Home Address

Visiting your tutor’s last known home address may also help. There is a possibility that they still live in the area. And even if they have moved, you can ask the previous occupant or the neighbors about your tutor’s whereabouts. They should be able to provide you with information that would help.

6. Consult Your Old School’s Alumni Association

Lastly, you can consult your school’s alumni association to find an old elementary school teacher in the most stress-free way. One of your old classmates may have information about the teacher or know someone else who does.


Are you looking to find your old high school teacher? These methods above should help. It shouldn’t be hard to find someone old or alive, as long as the person is on the Internet. And even if they aren’t, visiting the last known places they have been seems reasonable.

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