How To Request PDF Signatures Remotely

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The Savior When Attending A Meeting Is Just Impossible

Everybody’s been there. It is that situation where all things have gone great; mutual understanding is finally reached, terms accepted, and the involved parties are ready to join forces for the greater good. And yet, for some reason might happen in this wildly unpredictable world.

The hand responsible for signing the document can’t get to where the supposedly historical event would happen. The parties then have to reschedule the signing, which sometimes might mean a lot of complications, not to mention the risk of the understanding grows cold.

It is on such occasions that an electronic signature comes in handy. With the increasing popularity of the Portable Document Format, this type of signature gets even easier to use, and users can even request a signature PDF online for remote signing. Here are explanations of essential points users need to know about this beneficial thing.

What is an Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature or e-signature is an electronic means to indicate a person’s approval of a document’s content or data collection. It is the electronic version of the handwritten signature, a legal concept used to indicate the signatory’s agreement to the terms stated in the signed document. Such nature allows people to request signature PDFs online; hence arrangements can be made official in just a few clicks.

An electronic signature is not to be confused with a digital signature. The latter works more like the digital fingerprint version, with the primary function to assign a unique characteristic of its owner in a document. In other words, the primary function of an electronic signature is to approve the document, while a digital signature serves to authenticate the document. Electronic and digital signatures can be present in one copy to make it even safer.

The Use of Electronic Signatures

Who doesn’t like to make deals fast? No one, for sure. Hence the use of electronic signatures keeps on increasing in many fields.

With amazing functionality, it is used in governments, companies, the military, the medical world, legal, education, etc. Requesting a signature PDF only takes seconds, and it helps a lot.

To begin with, an electronic signature enables the signing of documents from practically anywhere as long as an Internet connection is present. It helps to reduce costs since it eliminates the expense to travel. People can request a signature PDF in just a few taps. Thus it adds to time efficiency, and an electronic signature is also certainly a must for those who are going paperless.

Is an Electronic Signature Legal?

Though the law may vary in different countries, an electronic signature is legal. In America, for example, electronic signatures are legally valid in all states. It has the same binding and enforceable attribute as its handwritten version and is even considered more secure since it is more difficult to fabricate. Therefore, requesting a signature PDF in handling remote contracts is legally safe.

An electronic signature can be fortified with additional security features such as authentication, tamper sealing, timestamp, and audit trail. These will make an electronic signature stands even stronger before a court of law than a wet signature. However, it is vital to choose the e-signature solution provider wisely. Some providers are rock-solid in delivering their service, such as Adobe, which assists its users in meeting legal requirements worldwide.

The Simple Way to Request a Signature PDF

And here comes the big question; how to request a signature PDF? As mentioned above, it is something that can be done in a flash, and the simplicity of the process itself is just stunning. Here are the steps to request a signature PDF by using Adobe service:

  1. Click the “Select a file” button. Alternatively, users can drag and then drop their files into the drop area.
  1. Select the document that needs signing. This step will upload the file to Adobe cloud storage.
  1. After the upload is done, sign in to the site. This enables the user to set up the sending process.
  1. Type the recipient’s email address. Should there be more than one recipient, the sender must add the email address(es) during this step.
  1. Hit the “Next” button.
  1. Mark the spot where the recipient(s) must sign.
  1. Click the “Send” button and be glad for all convenience the e-signature has provided.

Senders can then sit back and relax as the service provider does the work. When their document has been signed, senders will be notified by email and receive a copy of the signed document. While there are other ways to request a signature PDF, the security and legal features provided by the explained service are top-notch; hence, there is no need to look anywhere else.

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