Best Drones for Photography

Best Drones for Photography

Just 10 years ago, aerial photography was the domain of professional studios as accessing a helicopter was beyond the reach of anyone but the rich and resourceful.

However, if you fast forward to today, anyone with the the initial investment for a quality drone can shoot a variety of projects from as high as 400 feet or more. J

ust like a helicopter, these professional-level drones can shoot hi-definition video and photography while zipping across the trees or hovering steadily above just about any shoot location.

That said, quality photography is made possible only by the very best drone camera. Drone cameras on toy-quality drones can end up creating shaky footage or blurred shots that will prove impossible to fix in post.

If you want to ensure your footage is both usable and potentially profitable, you need to look for three things: stability, range, and resolution.

#1. Holy Stone HS110D FPV RC Drone

With its 1080P resolution, the Holy Stone drone captures clear photographs and video from as far as 328 feet away from wherever you are standing. In addition to recording footage, it can stream live video for concerts and sharp shots of in-the-moment news events.

In terms of shooting video for movies or for projects that require predefined routes, the Holy Stone drone allows you to draw the drone’s flight path on your phone. With the customized path in place, the drone will navigate via GPS to follow its route. Because of this feature, it could be the best drone camera for property photography.

Ideal fit

– live events

– hi-resolution video projects

– real estate


– viewing capability of 120 degrees

– battery lasts up to 10 minutes

– propeller guards decrease wrecks

– connects to your phone via an app


– does not offer 2K footage

#2. Potensic D58, FPV Drone with 2K Camera

This affordable drone from Potensic offers one-key take offs and landings, making it perfect from someone not wanting to crash their camera-equipped drone. The stable-flight features helps ensure steady footage or clean shots, and the camera is equipped with 5G Wi-Fi for stable connectivity.

It is also one of the best cameras for panoramic photography as it can hover and shoot in a circle. The resulting photographs can be used for scenic marketing campaigns.

Ideal uses

– travel marketing

– hi-res indie filmmaking

– surveillance and security

– sports photography or video

– creative selfies


– 2K resolution

– phone holder attaches your phone to the transmitter

– adjustable lens


– carrying case only comes in one style

#3. SIMREX X900 Drone

The Simrex X900 drone offers you the ability to easily guide it with your phone because your phone can attach directly to the controller to give you a field view of the footage.

In terms of guidance, you can use the joysticks for free-range flying, or you can set it to destination mode, which will cause the drone to fly directly to the pre-established place where it can begin capturing footage. With this destination mode, it is perfect for hard-to-reach locations that must be shot with clarity and precision.

Finally, one of the most innovative features is that is is compatible with virtual reality. Once connected, it provides you a pilot’s POV as it zips through the air, bringing an altogether new level of immersion to your shots.

Ideal uses

– landscape photography

– video over rough terrain

– aerial tourism

– virtual reality

– entertainment


– one-key return prevents loss of drone

– battery lasts up to 15 minutes

– operates via joystick or your phone

– 110-degree lens


– VR goggles not included

Note: in all fairness, you are not going to find any drone that comes with VR goggles. In fact, few others even have this capability, placing it among the best drones on the market.

#4. DJI Mavic 2 PRO Drone Quadcopter

This professional-grade drone offers 4K video or photography, and its 20MP resolution rivals the quality of many DSLR cameras. Its sensor offers superb performance in hard-to-shoot moments, such as dawn or dusk. However, its 12,800 ISO capability allows this drone to perform admirably in even early evening hours when light diminishes fast.

Because its resolution is double or quadruple that of other drone cameras, it is perfect for aerial photography at weddings, reunions, or public events because any operator can go into the video footage and extract the perfect 4K frame to be used as a still shot. In fact, as many DSLR cameras shoot 10 to 14 frames per second, this drone outperforms them with its minimum of 30 frames-per-second.

Ideal uses

– evening photography

– surveillance in low-light conditions

– hi-resolution video or photography projects

– travel channels


– night-sight capability

– 4K resolution


– price tag might put this drone out of reach for beginners

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