Aspects of the Cloud Businesses Need to Focus on

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Cloud services are rapidly increasing in popularity – especially with the COVID-19 crisis making traditional means of office work tricky.

There is no doubt that the cloud can be a powerful tool for businesses, but it is difficult to know which aspects of it businesses should focus on. Intellipaat Cloud computing course focuses on various cloud services and their deployment in business to garner the maximum productivity.

Without knowing how and why the cloud can impact your business, joining it could be a risk. You can check out cloud courses, AWS Course, Azure course, etc for in-depth knowledge. Only once you’ve been pointed in the right direction can you examine whether it is the right fit for your company.

Here are the aspects you need to look at:

Ability to work in large teams

One of the most useful aspects of cloud-based working is the ability for large teams to work together on one shared platform simultaneously.

You can encourage whole departments to organize their own projects and share the relevant data among themselves, without having to leave their computers. This makes teamwork far easier. You don’t need to use large conference rooms or hash out your ideas on whiteboards – all work can be contained on the cloud.

This also opens the door to more diverse teams, giving you the opportunity to shake things up. Why not switch team members around so different people are working together? This will spark fresh ideas and prevent your company from going stale creatively.

Data storage

You could also use the cloud to store and protect your data. This is useful on many counts.

Most obviously, it means your data should be safer than if you were either storing it on individual devices or leaving data in physical form around the office. You know exactly where all your potentially vulnerable information is at any one time – think of it as your business’ bank account of data. Of course, you should take extra precautions before using the cloud for this purpose, such as by using a cloud workload protection platform. What Is a Cloud Workload Protection Platform? It’s best summarized as helping you get the most out of the cloud.

Another benefit of storing data on the cloud is that it is easier for you to monitor who has access to your data at any one time. If there are staff members who should not have immediate access you can always restrict them. Using the cloud will also save you from trying to set up your own business data storage system, which is far harder to build.

Increase in productivity

Using the cloud will encourage a greater level of productivity within your business. Thanks to the ease of data sharing among staff members and the ability to host large teams all in one workspace, you don’t have to waste time transferring data via email or by hand. It also sparks creativity and prevents team morale from dropping (as it sometimes does with companies that never shake up their teams).

Lower cost

This is a big one. Using cloud-based services will likely save you a good deal of money than would otherwise be spent on building your own network and employing full-time IT experts to run it. Keeping your data safe also saves you money that could be lost if your data was stolen or corrupted.


Another aspect of the cloud that can benefit your business is its inherent flexibility. You can access your cloud account from any device or location on the planet. This means (if it’s relevant to your business) that you could have staff members working remotely. This also works as a failsafe in case you have to close your office or switch your business to remote work only. The past few months have demonstrated the importance of this flexibility alone.

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