3 Genius Accessories That Bestow Your Devices With An Instant Upgrade

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Almost a decade has passed since the era of clip-on photo lenses, and other seemingly clever mobile add-ons dominated our social media feeds.

But through the years, we realized how awful these clothespin attachments are, as a new generation of genuine, fairly-priced, and user-centric accessories got introduced into the market.

The past few years before the COVID-19 lockdown was a promising age of computing devices, gaming consoles, and VR tech. Surprisingly, their components, which usually stay behind the limelight, started stealing the show.

Here are three genius accessories to mainstream gadgets that transformed the way we see tech accessories.

#1. Skytrak Simulator

It’s no longer news for early adopters that we could play our favorite sports indoors. They knew it from the moment we saw the motion-sensor function brought by Nintendo Wii and after reviews from select testers about the otherworldly Virtual Reality reached our newsfeed.

Although the artificial environment allowed us to play baseball or golf in our mancave or makeshift VR studio, some important aspects of the game were lacking. If you are keen to improve your performance, particularly your swing and hits, you need something that measures your progress. This point of need is where our accessory steps in to complete the experience.

Skytrak is an accurate ball flight launch monitor. This simulator can project the power applied to the swing, the speed flight, and its direction. So, if you’re curious if you’ve practiced enough to beat your peers, this is the golf simulation accessory you need.

Typecase iPad Keyboard Case with Touchpad

We already know how Bluetooth keyboards work. In the past, there were many claims that a simple peripheral operating on Bluetooth or USB connection can turn a tablet device into a laptop and an iPad into a Mac. But with their most recent upgrade, Typecase, a company specializing in keyboard accessories, showed everyone how it’s done. When they finally added the touchpad feature into this already magnificent ensemble, it blew their competitors and followers away.

The new Typecase Touch Ultra is one of the top-notch keyboard cases with a touchpad in the market today. With its sleek design, vibrant colors, and durability that the company has improved a thousand folds, it may be safe to consider that it’s slightly ahead of its time. Imagine the greatness of spending no more than $80, and you can turn a wide range of iPad versions into a beautiful and lustrous MacBook.

Rumors about a new iPad Pro 12.9 version are currently circulating in the Appleverse. If you’re in a quandary of whether to get this new iPad or the new Macbook Pro that will hit the Apple Stores in Q3 of 2021, maybe the Typecase keyboard we mentioned above can help with your decision-making.

Nebula Capsule II Mini Projector

If you are with some bored companions, and there’s nothing else around that’s fun apart from a smartphone, your Netflix subscription, and a wall, you’d wish you have a portable projector with you.

The Nebula Capsule II Mini Projector is a group pleaser. Having the shape and size of a soda can, you can easily take it to places and events you assume to be boring. It can also project to about 100 inches at 720p and brightness of 200 lumens. The 8-watt built-in speakers and its auto-adjust function make it one of the best portable projectors out there.

With this genius accessory, your smartphone becomes a remote control. Truly a must-have for the Netflix generation.

Wrapping Up

Despite how the pandemic is continuously wreaking havoc on various sectors, innovation keeps going forward, and it’s a stronger breakthrough after another.

We can expect to get thrilled with more gadget news in the succeeding months of 2021.

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