4 Ways to Embed Instagram Photos and Videos

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In love with Instagram? Who is not, it is one of the most creative and leading-edge social media platforms. The potential and influence which Instagram delivers are well-recognized by users as well as by the brands. Instagram has evolved a lot with time and has introduced various new features.

Instagram has the highest number of active users daily. This number reflects the efficiency of the platform, because of which the brands & the businesses are using this platform to influence their users and to acquire more opportunities to increase their conversion rates.

Embedding Instagram is one of the most efficient and powerful features which Instagram has introduced recently. It enables the user to embed their photos and videos most creatively to attract as many of the users as possible.

Not sure about how to embed Instagram photos and videos? Not to worry, if this is the case, then this article is for you. This article is outlined in the 4 best ways of embedding Instagram photos and videos. Embedding posts on Instagram can help you in building an incredible follower base.

Try These 4 Ways to Embed Instagram Photos & Videos

#1. Embed Photos and Videos through Instagram itself

Instagram is one of the most versatile and beneficial social media platforms for users and businesses. Its official embedding feature is one of the most authentic and dependable methods for embedding Instagram photos and videos.

It is just a matter of a few steps, your stage is all set! The simple steps which you need to follow to embed photos and videos using Instagram are as follows:

  1. You firstly need to select the photos or the video which you want to embed.
  2. After choosing the photo, click on the three dots which are displayed at the bottom right-hand side corner of the photo.
  3. Choose Embed code from the options that open up after clicking on the photo settings.
  4. Copy the generated code, and then you can paste it on the platform on which you want to add that feed.

Isn’t it simple? Yes, it is the simplest method to embed Instagram feed.

#2. Embed Photos and Videos through Social Media Aggregator Tool

The best social media aggregator tool like Taggbox Widget is one of the easy to use tools to embed Instagram photos and videos. Even if you do not have any technical knowledge, then also you can use it easily and directly.

Just a few clicks and your widget is ready to be displayed.

The steps included in this:

  1. Login to the Taggbox Widget account, open widget editor and then choose the option of Feeds.
  2. Just after clicking on Feeds, you will get an option of Add Feed & click on it. Just after clicking on add feed, the pop-up will come up click on the option of Instagram from the pop-up.
  3. Add the feeds through hashtag, handle, or profile post option, and then click on the Create Feed option.
  4. After creating the feed, click on the Embed Widget button.
  5. Now select the website building platform and generate the embed code, and copy that code.
  6. Now paste it at the backend of the website.

The field is set just after placing the code, just click on the option of publishing. Publish it and see the colorful and flashy look of your website.

#3. Embed Photos and Videos through WordPress Plugin

If you do not know, then let me tell you that there are several WordPress plugins available out there in the market to embed Instagram photos and videos. So, if you have a WordPress website, then it is quite easy and quick to embed your Insta feeds.

Showcase your Instagram feeds on your website in a more customized and attractive manner. WordPress plugin will help you in streamlining the photos and videos from one or multiple accounts.

These plugins are of great use when you want to embed the posts from multiple accounts at a time. They are easy to use, and few of the WordPress plugins come free, featuring ready to use modules with maximum exposure to the features.

#4. Embed Photos and Videos through Screenshots

Using screenshots for embedding photos and videos is very simple, and there is no need for any technical background or knowledge. It is as simple as taking a screenshot is. Using a screenshot for embedding the post is one of the safest methods, and also you can keep it for as long as you want them.

Sometimes, it happens that the posts get deleted automatically. It is because either the posts are reported as inappropriate, or the user deletes the post. So using screenshots to create your website widget using Instagram photos and videos is safe and secured. However, to use the feeds of any other user, you need to take the permission of the post owner so that you can publish it in your widget. To use the photos or videos of any other user, it is important to get the authorization before you use the feeds on your website.


The above mentioned 4 ways are best to embed Instagram photos and videos on your website. Nevertheless, with a tool like Taggbox Widget, the process gets simplified, quick, and easy. You can streamline all the updated feeds with the help of just one code.

Want to streamline your Instagram photos and videos on your website. Use Taggbox Widget now to streamline the feeds of your Instagram page on your website. Keep it simple, and awesome!

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