E-Commerce Merchant Services: What Are They and How Do They Benefit Me or My Business?

e-commerce merchant services


While reading the name of the article, many questions come to the mind of the reader. First one of these is what exactly an e-commerce merchant service is.

So, telling you the answer, it is also a member of the merchant services family and is one of the factors, playing its role in the online credit or debit card payment processing systems.

Becoming clear, e-commerce merchant services is a service provided by the bank which is associated with a visa card or master card.

Working Methodology of E-Commerce Merchant Services

Talking generally about the online credit card payment processing systems, when a business worker takes a credit card from the customer and scans it with the reader, the card is scanned and the credit card number known. Here comes the role of our e-commerce merchant service.

The e-commerce service investigates the credit card number and searches the bank account to which it is linked. Once the bank account is found, the service checks the details of the account if there is a sufficient amount present in the account of the customer.

It then sends the details to the mobile payment processing system and then waits for the amount to be deducted from the customer’s account. When the next input is provided, it transfers the required amount from the customer’s account to the business account.

The details of this transaction are finally forwarded to the payment processing system so that the business and the customer both are informed.

Benefits of Using an E-Commerce Service

In the modern age of this booming technological era, the most important thing that just about everyone cares about, is time. Time is the most valuable thing and it’s often considered the most when making a decision.

Everyone is seemingly short of time. In this fast paced world, e-commerce merchant services provide the customers and business with the tools necessary to save time and work easily through the credit card processing and payment systems.

The e-commerce system has covered this loss. The second most valuable thing is the money, the e-commerce merchants service are providing business owners the best services at the lowest prices, which saves them from handling the customer data and keeping a record of all the payments manually. This is a big relief for business owners.

The next benefit of this service is that the payment can be done from any place at any time which solves many issues for the customers as well as business management.


E-Commerce merchant services allow businesses and solo entrepreneurs to easily accept credit and debit cards, and ACH payments for their products or services.

Being partnered with reputable credit card processing companies, E-commerce merchant services give you the capability to offer fast, flexible, and secure payment options to your customers.

All in all, E-commerce merchant services ultimately save you both time and money. If you need to accept payments on your website, E-commerce merchant services are are must.

But before we go, you also need to be prepared to protect your business from fraud. Check out this infographic below to learn how you can prevent eCommerce fraud.

how to prevent ecommerce fraud
Infographic created by Fiserv, an eCommerce platform company.

Have you tried any E-commerce merchant services? How did they benefit your business? Let us know in the comments below…

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