6 Tools For The Students To Assist Them In Writing Productive Research Papers

research paper tools


Writing a research paper can be difficult and time-consuming, but if you have the correct resources at your disposal, it can also be enjoyable. There are plenty of digital tools available to increase your productivity and keep you organized.

The top seven tools to help any student write a research paper more easily are covered in this post. We’ll discuss lesser-known apps like Jasper as well as prominent ones like Word Counter, and Zotero. Learn more by reading on.

#1. EasyBib


EasyBib is a free tool for making bibliographies that may be used to cite books, journals, and other sources in academic papers. By adding the appropriate formatting and punctuation to your paper automatically, the application makes it simple to reference your sources. You’ll have more time to devote to crafting an interesting paper as a result. Additionally, it enables you to adhere to writing formats like APA and MLA.

EasyBib includes a user-friendly interface with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. It is also compatible with mobile devices, so you may use it anywhere!

The following are some advantages of utilizing EasyBib for creating research papers:

1. It is easy to use

You can use it without installing any software on your PC or mobile device. Then, on the left side of the screen, click “MLA” or “APA” (or whatever style you require).

Then enter on your keyboard after entering your search word You will receive all the data you require regarding the format for citing articles, books, websites, etc. from your lecturer or teacher.

Over the years, EasyBib has assisted millions of students with their research papers.

2. It’s a time Savior

By doing the so much work, this technology saves a huge amount of time. Whether you need a dissertation or an essay, it takes care of everything. Simply type your topic and keyword(s) into the search window and hit enter.

Following that, all sources will be shown on the screen in front of you for you to select whichever source best meets your demands. After selecting a single source, it will automatically create citations in your preferred MLA or APA style and insert them into your paper to give it a polished, professional appearance.

#2. Zotero


You may gather, manage, cite, and organize your sources with the free program Zotero. It has a ton of useful features, including auto-citation and the capacity to build a personal library of your sources, and is quite simple to use.

With the help of Zotero, you can organize your sources into a personal library that you can access from any location at any time. By clicking on a section of the document or web page and choosing “highlight” from the drop-down menu, you may additionally draw attention to certain passages (this functionality works in Google Chrome).

When you return to read it again, it won’t be difficult for you to identify the passages or sentences I marked in my study paper because an orange box will be added around them.

#3. Online Word Counter

word counter

When giving research paper assignments to students enrolled in various colleges and educational institutions, educators frequently impose word limits. Students must follow the regulations, which include finishing the research paper while staying inside the allotted word limit, for this reason.

Fortunately, a word counter online can benefit pupils in a variety of ways. First of all, it enables you to guarantee that your research paper is the appropriate length. Right above the field where you enter the text, it indicates how many words, phrases, pages, and even characters there are.

Additionally, it offers a wealth of useful features that students can use to perfect their research papers. For instance, you can utilize a grammar checker function to ensure that your article is free of typos and poorly constructed sentences.

An online word counter tool may also have features like auto text, a keyword density tester, clear text, a font style choice, a text size option, and a sentence case option. The use of each of these features might be rather beneficial when writing your research paper.

#4. Google Scholar

google scholar

A search engine for academic research is called Google Scholar. It can be used to locate sources such as books, theses, and journal articles. To find out if a publication has been cited by other scholars, you can also utilize Google Scholar.

Google Scholar returns two main categories of results for searches: “cited by” citations and “similar articles.” The first type shows how frequently other authors have cited a specific piece in academic publications (including books).

The second category is linked, which takes into account many aspects of your issues, such as data relevance and the authority of sources.

#5. Scrivener


With the aid of the writing program Scrivener, you may organize your paper and concentrate on writing. By lowering writer’s block, avoiding distractions, and keeping track of your research, it also helps you write more effectively.

You can use Scrivener to construct mind maps, outlines, and to keep track of your ideas as they change over time. In order for readers to comprehend the flow of a paper, this gives a visual depiction of how all the parts fit together.

After being exported from Scrivener, the software’s proprietary file format (.scriv) may be imported into other applications like Word or Google Docs so that editing can be done there without losing formatting from the original document.

#6. Mendeley Desktop


A reference organizer called Mendeley Desktop lets you store, manage, and share your research. Although it is free, there are subscription plans with additional capabilities like unlimited PDF imports and priority assistance.

With Mendeley Desktop, you may add PDFs, Word documents, and other files to your library without first taking screenshots of them. In order for the text in these files to appear in your citations when you add them later, you can also highlight it on the screen.

Auxiliary Tools

When writing research papers, students might save time by using digital tools.

Students who learn how to use digital tools can write research papers more quickly. Here are some additional online resources you can use to compose your essay quickly and without plagiarizing:

  • Students can collaborate on projects and share their work using Google Docs. As a result, it can facilitate research organization and class discussion.
  • To verify that no one else has plagiarized another person’s work, Turnitin compares all student papers to an online database of prior essays and research papers.
  • But let’s say a source does agree with something else that is currently public (and thereby violates copyright laws). Turnitin will then mark it as potentially problematic so that both parties have the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments before turning in their final draughts.
  • Jasper is a piece of writing software powered by artificial intelligence that enables you to create thorough research articles. You only need to provide Jasper instructions in accordance with the guidelines your instructor has provided, and he will produce flawless write-ups in a matter of seconds. You can write anything with its assistance without spending time. Although their AI system sometimes makes mistakes, be cautious to double-check the veracity of the information and data given.


You won’t have to fear writing research papers ever again if you use these resources and put yourself through some practice. Consider how your day might be different if you could spend more time doing the things you enjoy. or perhaps simply spending time with friends?

Whatever the situation, you are deserving of it. Your life doesn’t have to be consumed with writing research papers anymore. So make use of these instruments right once and put an end to those restless nights.

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