What Laptop is Most Suitable for Real Estate Agents?

best laptop for real estate agents


You probably know a lot about computers if you’re a real estate agent. Several hours a week to several hours a day is how often agents spend marketing online, according to stats.

Throughout their day, agents travel between the workplace, meetings, and showings. Therefore, they require a portable machine such as the best HP laptop that is reliable and robust.

Top 5 Laptop Features a Real Estate Agent Will Need

As a realtor, you’re always on the go. Therefore, a laptop is fundamentally the only tool that can be used to find new prospects and maintain existing relationships.

In the same way, you wouldn’t blindly pick at random any other gadget, when choosing a laptop, for real estate agents you must do your research (or ask for recommendations) in advance.

Here are some of the most important aspects you must consider before buying a laptop as a Realtor:

1. Exceptional Battery

Each of us would like to have a laptop that lasts a bit longer.  As a real Estate Agent you would always want your device to last an extra hour or two especially when you’re running through meetings and showings. So, whenever you decide to purchase a new laptop for your work, always choose the one that boasts a large battery backup to meet all your needs. 

2. Ideal Weight and Size

A laptop with a diagonal screen size between 11″ and 13.3″ would be great if you prefer a small laptop. You needn’t worry much about your weight in that case. Keeping a lightweight laptop is not hard. However, for more serious considerations, your laptop’s weight varies very little between different sizes, apart from laptops between 11″ and 13.3″.

3. Quality Display

If you want to use a laptop that’s IPS or Wide Angle, you just need to look for a laptop that’s got that display panel. The following criteria I used to determine my top ten laptop picks were screen brightness, contrast ratio, sRGB & RGB gamut coverage. You wouldn’t be at fault for not looking up these metrics, but they are hard to find.

4. Stable Operating System

You can select Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Chrome OS from four operating systems available in the market today. However, you tend to use Windows or macOS in practice. There are Apple laptops running Mac OS X and virtually everything else running Windows.

A good realtor or agent might find Chrome OS useful. You may not be able to use Chrome OS if you need to edit photos and videos. For realtors looking for an affordable laptop, a Chromebook might just cater to all your needs within a friendly budget.

5. Well-Rounded Feature Set

Real estate agents rarely need to use their laptops for intensive processing tasks. Nevertheless, they must be able to take decent photos and videos, have fast internet connections, be portable, have enough battery life, and simply be easy to use. A digital marketing strategy, lead generation, listing strategy, and online strategy require the right technology to back them up.

The Takeaway

With laptop computers, that technology is easier and more flexible for agents today. A real estate agent’s laptop needs are varied, and the best one depends on the individual.

There has been a major shift in the laptop market in the last few years. Chromebooks are lightweight, 2-in-1 laptop tablets are highly portable, and tablet-style laptops are available.

Your needs will dictate what you purchase. A highly best laptop for realtors (and one that is heavier) is essential when you plan to edit videos a lot.

An ultra-lightweight 2-in-1 may be the right choice if you need it to help you while you’re on the go. You won’t experience these problems if you already own a tablet or a PC.

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