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A professional headshot gives the business community a first impression of a person’s brand. It dictates the path of a career as a first impression is meant to do.

Many people living in Vancouver incorporate these in their portfolio or profile to submit proposals for contracts with clients, new career opportunities, or to place on networking boards.

Using an expert photographer for your Vancouver headshots will ensure high quality, so the image stands out above competitors in your same industry.

Not everyone will invest in their pictures, but potential colleagues and other professionals readily recognize the ones who do.

The suggestion is to use these always for the following:

  1. Company website “About Us” page
  2. Portfolio or profile
  3. With signature or email accounts
  4. For business cards
  5. Social networks or with job networking

When people see these headshots repeatedly, it establishes brand recognition, trust starts to develop, and your “business” grows, or you get the job or contract. Let’s look at a few helpful hints on professional Vancouver headshots.

What Are A Few Helpful Hints On Professional Vancouver Headshots

You must portray a professional image when representing your personal brand to the world. That first impression is how colleagues and other professionals will recognize you from that point moving forward.

However, they interpret that first impression will genuinely dictate whether they choose to do business or move on to one of your competitors. It’s an instinct.

You can gather this when meeting someone in person for the first time and deciphering their facial expressions, a smile or lack of one. More people in Vancouver, in most areas worldwide, in fact, are using photographs, more specifically headshots, to introduce themself to the business community since obtaining an in-person meeting can be a difficult task.

These must be of high quality by an expert photographer to ensure the optimum first impression. Find out how to prepare for a professional business portrait at

A professional image will include:

  1. An image depicting your personality
  2. An expression that exudes friendliness and eagerness
  3. Attire that displays an air of experience in the industry. Nothing should be distracting or stand out in the photo, including jewelry, makeup, hairstyle, or clothing selection.
  4. There should be no heavy shadows cast but instead clear lighting for facial features.

The recommendation is that a professional photographer can be worth the investment, particularly if you’re someone new to your industry.

When attempting to introduce yourself to a vast audience with a need to impress in order to get your “foot in the door,” so to speak, high-quality images speak to your willingness to go the extra mile in order to achieve your goals.

When business leaders see this with a new professional, it leads them to conclude you’re a go-getter, dynamic, and worth their attention. That typically leads to the in-person meetings or at least a phone call. You could almost consider this a brand marketing tool. In order to make it an effective one, you’ll want to follow a few guidelines.

1. Don’t hold onto the same photo for years

You’re not on a dating app or attempting to fake people out on social media. These are professional headshots for the corporate world meant to essentially market your personal brand. They need to authenticate who you are with an accurate visualization of your appearance to date.

People’s appearance consistently changes. Even if you don’t believe you’ve had any specific differences in a while, other people will notice them. That could be a weight change; perhaps hair is becoming lighter, darker, or gray, or more significant differences like facial hair or coloring your hair.

The recommendation is that a new set of images be taken roughly every two years to remain up-to-date.

2. Save the image in varied sizes

The headshot might need to be formatted in different framing depending on how it will be used. In order to retain the quality, you should save the photo in varied formats to accommodate many framing sizes.

Final Thoughts

New professionals in Vancouver attempting to introduce themself to the business community must find a way to draw attention to themselves in order to get the business leaders in their community to pay attention. It starts with that first impression.

The only way to make a good one is either with an in-person meeting or investing in a professional headshot, each of which will dictate how you move forward in your industry. Go here for details on hiring a business photographer.

Getting an in-person meeting without first making a company curious is tough. When businesses see high-quality expert images from a newbie, that grabs attention and will likely warrant a call. From there, it’s all about personality, style, and what’s in your portfolio or on your profile.

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