Resolutions for the Most Common Employee Experience Challenges

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It doesn’t matter how good your product is or how strong your marketing strategy is – virtually every company sinks and swims through its employees. This goes equally for massive corporations with countless employees and outposts and small companies with only a handful of people backing up the founder.

A good manager brings out the best in their employees, and they’re well-attuned to any signs of potential trouble in an employee’s morale. One of the biggest problems companies face isn’t employees quitting or having major issues with the company; they simply become disengaged with their role and put in the bare minimum effort.

This is why it’s essential to give employees something to look forward to, something to work towards, and target goals to keep them engaged and interested in their role. Here are tips to make sure the overall employee experience at your company stays positive.

Create an Employee-Centric Organization

Many offices are still operating from a process-centric perspective, where the outcomes are the only thing management looks at, and the employees are simply judged by how well they facilitate them.

While this may be a practical approach, it maximizes profits while losing touch with the people making them happen. Eventually, it results in a company where employees are efficient but disconnected, and managers often don’t realize problems are happening before it’s too late.

To create an employee-centric organization, you need to start as early as possible. Make sure your candidate recruitment process is user-friendly. Meet with potential employees to explain expectations and operations so no one is thrown in blind on their first day. By making it clear that you’re in touch with your employees, they’ll feel more comfortable approaching human resources with any concerns down the line.

Pick the Right Workplace Solutions

Technology is a big part of the modern office, especially in a world where remote work and communications between different offices are becoming increasingly critical. The tools you use will determine your success. Too many offices use antiquated technology for communication and keeping track of projects.

This can be frustrating and cause needless delays when important messages or updates are missed because of a full inbox. This is why many businesses are switching to voice over internet protocol or VoIP. Voice over ip system replaces a traditional phone line with a virtual line run over cloud-based internet service.

This includes more storage and the ability to use it anywhere. Even if one key employee is traveling, you’ll never have to worry about them coming home to a full inbox and missed deadlines. Voice-over IP also provides greater flexibility and more security for your data.

Listen and Implement Employee Feedback

Often, the most important thing a manager can do to resolve employee issues is simply to ask. A common mistake many businesses make is making decisions based on penny-wise and pound-foolish calculations.

It might be tempting to cut a minor perk such as daily donuts from the office budget, but if that’s a perk that many employees enjoy, it won’t be with saving those dollars a day and damaging employee morale in the workplace.

Organizations should have a method for gathering employee feedback, both publicly and anonymously. Part of this means creating an environment where employees know their feedback is valued and they’re not afraid to speak up. Whether it is about the job, the office environment, or policy changes, employers who take employee feedback seriously will have a better finger on what they need to do to succeed.

Celebrate the Wins

Remember how much fun it was in elementary school when the learning stopped for a few minutes to celebrate someone’s birthday? Why did we ever stop doing that? Well, as a manager, you don’t have to.

Collective office celebrations are a great way to keep morale high, and it’s not just birthdays – encourage your employees to share the good news and find a little way to celebrate it. This can be in-office wins like promotions or closing a big account, or personal milestones.

Organizations that don’t take a little time out to celebrate their employees’ wins often come off as impersonal or unreasonable. They don’t garner the same type of employee loyalty as others do. It might not be technically profitable, but it’ll deliver big dividends in how motivated your employees are long-term.

The Key to Victory

Employees are the secret weapon for every major company. A manager that knows how to make sure the team values their part in the company has already set themselves up for success. Whether you’re managing a team of tens or thousands, it’s the one principle never to forget.

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