Online Coding Classes for Kids: Learning to Code!

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Learning to Code Online Helps Kids in So Many Ways

It’s taken as a certainty in our tech-forward world that learning to code is one of the best ways to prepare children for the future. Well, that’s true! But it helps in many direct and indirect ways worth exploring in further detail.

With that, let’s check it out.

Four Reasons Why Your Children Should Learn to Code

Learning to code online will help your child develop in various ways. Here are four reasons why learning to code is well worth it.

1. Coding and Computer Skills in the Workforce

It’s hard to think of a more desired skill set in today’s workforce than knowing how to code and use computers, and this is unlikely to change. Industry leaders like Real Programming 4 Kids teach kids how to code online by teaching them how to develop their own video games.

Many students go on to work for gaming companies like Microsoft. Even if your child doesn’t become a video game coder, they can apply the skills gained in coding class to work in a wide range of jobs in other industries.

2. Learning a Language

People don’t always categorize coding as a language, the way they do for English or French. But coding is a form of communication with its own system of rules.

Look for an online coding course that teaches the coding languages professionals to rely on in the field, such as Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, or C++. There’s a big difference between learning a program designed to give young kids a mere sense of what coding is like, such as Scratch, and learning the languages themselves.

3. Think Like an Engineer

Online coding requires children to adopt the mentality of a software engineer, which in turn teaches them to appreciate how necessary it is sometimes to make mistakes during the learning process. Balancing analytical and creative thinking means testing things to see if they work.

When something fails, that doesn’t mean you’re a failure! Rather, it provides invaluable data about how to get it correct the next time. Coding often involves binary choices between 1 and 0, so they have a much more accepting attitude ofright and wrong.

4. Future Guidance

When you find an online coding course with young teachers with relevant professional and academic experience in coding, you can also get practical advice about what computer coding classes will look like in high school or beyond and what it’s like to work as a coder.

It’s hard for high school students or younger, precocious students to get candid tips about such an important subject from people who really know what it’s like. Younger teachers have an invaluable perspective. They also share a passion for video games because they likely also grew up playing them when they were kids, which helps ensure that the sessions are fun.

The Takeaway

The future may be difficult to predict, but I think everyone can agree that computers aren’t going anywhere. Learning to code online will help your child develop in various ways, but on a basic level, they’ll also have a lot of fun. Look for an online coding program that meets the above criteria, and they’ll gain in so many ways.

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