Why You Should Use an Instagram Widget on Your Website

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People are shifting towards online shopping; therefore, brands are now focusing on enhancing their websites’ visual appeal. And that is justified because a good-looking website creates a great impression. And we all know the importance of impressions in sales.

So here is a little hack to enhance the beauty of the website  – Add visual-based content.

If you think it will affect your website’s speed, then we have another hack for you – Display visual-based content using an Instagram widget.

Why Instagram? – Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites, it focuses on visual-based content and contains various posts that can add liveliness to your website.

What are Instagram widgets? – Instagram widgets allow you to display Instagram posts and content on your website. Moreover, they do not affect the speed of your website.

How do you get them? – Social media aggregators are amazing tools that help you collect posts from your desired source and display them beautifully on the website. Many social media aggregators provide a dedicated Instagram widget that displays Instagram content without any hassle.

You can find various social media aggregators that help you collect the posts from your desired sources and display them beautifully on the website. In addition, these tools also provide you with various features that allow you to personalize your Instagram widget and make it more pleasing to the eyes.

This blog will list some major reasons that will convince you to use the Instagram widget for your website.

Benefits of embedding the Instagram widget on your website

Although Instagram provides the embedding code for each of its posts, you can copy and paste it on the backend of your website, but it has a lot of limitations like you have to embed each post one by one and you cannot personalize them to match it with the style of your website. Therefore we recommend you to use social media aggregator tools for this purpose. Other than various features it the widget from these tools provides the following benefits :

Enhances vibrancy of the website

Instagram users are rich in talent and creativity. They upload various vibrant and colorful posts that create a good vibe and make the platform a happening place. You can bring the same magic to your website by displaying these contents on your website.

The vibrancy and liveliness make your website appealing to the visitors and create a good impression on them. A good impression eventually helps you in attaining sales and increasing your website traffic.

Increases website traffic

A dull and flat website often fails to attract more visitors or create a good impression. Therefore people’s businesses prefer making their websites colorful and attractive. A beautiful-looking website attracts more audience and eventually increases website traffic.

Increased website traffic itself has two major implications. Firstly, it increases search engine ranking. Secondly, it provides a larger audience for the brand. And as there will be more audience the chances of sales increases.

Provides social proofs

Social media aggregator tools allow you to collect user-generated content related to your brand. So, when you showcase them using the Instagram widget, it makes a great impact as they act as social proof to your visitors.

Social proofs and reviews have a great impact on consumer’s buying decisions and helps the brand to establish its credibility.

Social proofs eventually help you in winning the trust of your visitors and attaining more sales.

Boosts User-generated content

UGC is marketing gold, it provides more recognition than mouth to mouth publicity and boosts market recognition.

People feel valued when a brand features their content on their website, and therefore, it encourages other users to create content for the brand to get a feature.

And as there will be a boost to the user-generated content, or as more people will be making content related to your brand, it will increase your brand’s reach and develop brand recognition.

Helps in conversion

People often use Instagram to provide their opinions about the recently purchased product or upload videos explaining or unboxing the products.

When you display them on your website, it acts as a measure to increase sales as people get influenced by these social proofs and reviews. And hence it eventually converts your visitors into your customers. Another hidden conversion factor is that when you feature your customer’s content on the website, it builds a good customer-brand relationship and converts your customer into loyal customers.

Summing It Up

Instagram is one the most prominent social media networks, it has a huge user base that provides various engaging and lively content. It creates a great vibe, and you can carry this vibe on your website that eventually increases the visuals of your website. Therefore, using the Instagram widget is a smart strategy that can help your business grow and reach your goals.

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