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Waze wants to zombify your in-car navigation experience this Halloween


Halloween is nearing and everyone seems to be ready to spook or get spooked. Besides the usual Google Doodle for the occasion, a good number of apps run weeks-long special events to mark the occasion. And speaking of Google, Waze is one such app. It's apparently been bitten by the spirit of the season, zombifying its navigation experience to give you company while trick-or-treating.

This Halloween season, Waze says you can side with an expert zombie survivalist and dodge hordes of virtual zombies. Immerse yourself in this experience by selecting the Survivalist mood, the Escapemobile car, and the Survivalist voice directions. This way, the user interface and voice navigation experience on Waze take a turn for the better as you navigate to your destination, dodging traffic jams as nasty as slow-moving zombie groups. Just be careful off the arterials — those are real kids out there, not mini undeads.

Alternatively, you can cruise with the dark side, taking humorously spooky navigation directions to wherever you’re going from a hungry zombie. Just switch the mood to ZombieMood, use the ZombieMobile car, and turn on Zombified directions. The car replaces the navigation arrow showing your position on the map. Again, avoid the urge to hit pedestrians and definitely avoid hopping out of the car to bite them.

The new Halloween-themed navigation experience is already rolling out to users worldwide. Supported voice navigation languages include English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. To get started using it, tap My Waze in the Android app and select the Drive with Zombies banner. Google doesn’t say how long we have access to this unique experience, so we suggest you try it out for the laughs while you still can. Ideally, it should remain accessible for a while after Halloween.

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