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YouTube Music is back with your 2022 Recap, highlighting all the songs that kept you going this year


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Last year, YouTube Music decided to try its hand at a Spotify-Wrapped-style summary for the first time, called the YouTube Recap. Listeners seemed to receive it well — at least, better than the infamous 2018 YouTube Rewind, which was disliked into oblivion. We now get seasonal YouTube Music recaps all year round, but this big year-end offering is arguably the most exciting. Luckily for you, your 2022 Recap, covering the music you listened to most this year, is now arriving.

Starting today, YouTube Music users can check out their 2022 Recap. You’ll find all your top artists, albums, and songs from 2022 alongside custom-made playlists combining them into lists you can save for nostalgia when you revisit them later.

Compared to last year’s recap, there are a few changes and improvements to look out for. First off, YouTube Music Recap content is also available in the main YouTube app now. Since both share elements and work closely together, the main YouTube app now lets you search for your “2022 Recap,†displaying your Recap playlist and Stories.

We also often associate music with specific memories and times in our lives. Thanks to Google’s services working together, you can take images from the Photos app and use them to customize your shareable 2022 Recap cards. Additionally, this year’s Recap has a bunch of new personalized stats for you, like:

  • Top Trends: The artists you discovered before others this year, (available on the YouTube Music app).
  • Identity: YouTube’s attempt at bottling up your “music personality,†capturing its essence on the YouTube Music app.
  • Hard-to-Find Content: A collection of unique YouTube remixes and live performances you liked the most in 2022 (available on YouTube Music app and the main YouTube app).

As always, YouTube’s 2022 Recap is designed to be shared. You can do so with each Story, playlist, artist, and personalized cards highlighting your top song of the season. Check out your 2022 recap right here.

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