Text Message vs Push Notification: What Are the Differences?

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Did you know that around 5 billion worldwide send SMS?

It is no surprise that people have turned to smartphones to communicate with each other.

Not only do people use their smartphones to communicate, but they also use them to ensure they never miss an opportunity to make a sale. With this in mind, businesses need to utilize the right strategies to ensure that their customers never miss any piece of their content.

Sadly, not everyone reads their notifications in the same way. Text message vs push notification, which is the better method of communication? Keep reading to learn the answers!

What Is a Text Message?

A short electronic message of up to 160 characters is sent to and from smartphones, tablets, and computers. It is a form of communication where written words are sent from one person to another.

It can include photos, videos, GIFs, a link, or any other type of file. Text messages can be sent instantly, making it a great way to stay connected with friends and family.

It is often used in one-on-one conversations, private conversations between a few people, or even in larger group settings. Text messaging is one of the most popular ways to communicate in the 21st century, and it has revolutionized the way in which people interact.

What Is a Push Notification?

A message delivered to a user’s device appears even when the user is not actively using the associated application. They are typically triggered by an action taken by the user.

Such as signing up for a service and executing a financial transaction. Or opening an application, playing a game, etc. They can be used to promote a special offer, alert a user to new content, provide additional content or updates, and so much more.

You can check out this info to explore how you can set up push notifications.

Key Differences: Text Messages vs Push Notificationn

Text messages and push notifications are both ways to get important communication to friends, family, or customers. Both are quick and effective communication methods. However, there are clear differences between them. Here are a few:

1. Sending and Receiving

Text message sending requires the sender to have the recipient’s phone number send the message. The recipient can choose to read or ignore it without interaction.

Push notifications, on the other hand, are sent directly to the recipient. With an opt-in or opt-out option, the recipient requires to decide whether to read or ignore the message.

2. Operation

They both operate similarly by using a device’s cellular data or internet connection to receive a message. The main difference in operation between the two is that text messages come from a phone number, while push notifications generally come from an app.

3. Capabilities

Text messages are performed by a traditional mobile network and are usually available on devices with the active network coverage.

Push notifications are generated by a third-party app, such as a messaging app, and can be sent to a device even if it doesn’t have cell phone service.

A Contrast Between a Text Message vs Push Notifications

In summary, text messages rely on SMS services and authorization from the user, while Push Notifications don’t need either and can be sent directly to users through specific apps.

With the advent of smartphones, Push Notifications are becoming more popular due to their convenience. If you’re looking to get your message out quickly, you need to understand first the contrast between a text message vs push notifications.

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