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As you know, each social media platform has a different purpose with a unique style. Of course, there are some crossovers but the way they engage with their users changes according to each channel. Whilst this might seem like a bit of a mind field, many online video editor tools actually connect directly to the main social media channels. Click here to find out more and how the tool can help you get the right size and format when you edit videos for free.

Using your Online Video Editor for Facebook

When you make a video, the chances are that you’ll target Facebook at the very least. After all, it’s still one of the most widely used platforms for posting an online video. If you go to Facebook’s actual recommendations then you’ll see the following highlights:

  • All video formats but prefer MP4
  • Resolution 1080 pixels or less
  • File size up to 10GB
  • Online video no longer than 240 minutes

Nevertheless, you can do many things with your online video editor for Facebook. You can create videos for your newsfeed or launch them as ads. If you’re posting ads then you’ll probably want to make a video that’s closer to 1 minute rather than 4. You can still make an impactful video online and enhance it with some fun features from your online video editor. Anything from stickers, animations, and GIFs could draw attention to your online video.

In terms of ads, there are several formats that you can create with your online video editor. These include a carousel, collections, slideshows, and of course stories. The size guidelines still apply but how you structure and create videos might be slightly different each time. If you want more inspiration then check out the relevant templates in your video maker.

Video Editing for Instagram TV

Interestingly, Instagram launched its TV option, otherwise known as IGTV, in 2018 to try to compete with YouTube as per the following online video requirements:

  • Online video format must be MP4
  • Resolution minimum 720pixels
  • File size up to 650MB for videos up to 10 minutes and 3.6GB for videos up to 60 minutes
  • Online video length to be at least 1 minute

IGTV is a great opportunity to reach a wider audience with your online video. Some typical best practices involve having an appealing cover image and to post consistently. The good news is that a video maker is so versatile that you can create videos and images. Of course, you can then edit and adjust them to suit your brand with your online video editor. Moreover, the software tools with their many templates make video creation so fast and efficient that you’ll be posting as much as you want.

Video Editing for Instagram

As you can imagine, the normal Instagram videos have slightly different recommended specifications than for IGTV, as follows:

  • Online video format can be MP4 or MOV
  • Minimum resolution is 600p
  • Maximum file size is 4GB
  • Online video length 3 to 60 seconds

Again, when you download your free video online into Instagram, you’ll need to make sure that you honor your brand’s style and post consistently. That means using your online video editor to get the right colors and taglines. Just like for Facebook though, you should create videos that work both with and without sound. You’ll find it easy to add music, logos, text, and any other fun features with your video editor though.

Create Videos for YouTube

One of the key differences with YouTube is that people don’t need an account to watch your free video online. That means you have a huge potential of reaching a far larger group of potential viewers. Moreover, people spend more than 40 minutes every day on the platform with 40% of that on their mobiles, according to Hootsuite. Check out the YouTube video specifications below but bear in mind your mobile users as well:

  • Prefer MPEG format but other formats allowed
  • Minimum resolution of 1080p is ideal although you can go down to 720p
  • Maximum file size is 128GB

Just like any good search engine, YouTube uses algorithms to rank your video clips. Therefore, make sure you use relevant keywords in your headings and descriptions. It’s also good practice to include fun or unique thumbnail to draw attention to your video online. You can actually also create those very easily with your video maker.

Another useful trick is that you can schedule your video posts. Some video editor tools even allow you to schedule your videos across several social media platforms which also supports your brand consistency. Make sure to also include a banner and your logo alongside any of your online video posts.

Final Recommendations for Using your Online Video Editor for Social Media

As you can see, you need to be careful when choosing your video format and size before you get started. Although, many video editor tools can do that for you and let you download directly into a social media channel. Then, make sure you post regularly and consistently and that you leverage your video editor tool to make awesome videos that are perfectly edited with the right features and effects.

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