Netsuite vs Intacct: What Are the Differences?

Netsuite vs Intacct


Do you need to manage your business finances? You must develop a solid finance management solution if your answer is yes. And if you have a smaller business, you need software to help you organize your data.

Fortunately, there are excellent accounting software in the market. Two of the best are NetSuite and Intacct. However, determining which software is right for you can be tricky.

Thus, before investing your money, you need to learn the differences between NetSuite vs Intacct. Read on to learn more about the two to find the best for your business.

What Is NetSuite and What Does It Do?

NetSuite is the world’s leading provider of business management software for companies. They offer products and services to help businesses manage their operations. NetSuite’s cloud software is designed for mid-market companies with up to 500 employees.

The company targets industries like manufacturing, distribution, professional services, and retail and wholesale trade. They are also suitable for healthcare, education, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

If you are considering Netsuite, do your research. Look at the NetSuite ERP Price Sheet to know what they offer and how much they will cost you.

What Is Intacct and What Does It Do?

Intacct helps small and medium companies by thoroughly accounting for every aspect of a business’s activities. This includes finance, sales and marketing, operations, and supply chain management. Everything you need, from the basics to advanced accounting for decision-making, is available on this platform.

It also lets you manage your client connections with tools like sales orders and quotes. You can also use the system to manage your inventory. And you can use it to watch your company’s operational metrics using inventory turns or average days on hand.

What’s the Difference Between NetSuite vs Intacct?

NetSuite offers different operations for manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and construction industries. It also provides services in various languages like Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, etc.

Meanwhile, Intacct focuses on the needs of the finance department by offering tailored solutions to suit their needs. It also has an online community where users can share their ideas and knowledge with other professionals in the industry.

NetSuite’s customer support is available 24/7. On the other hand, Intacct’s customer support is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm EST.

NetSuite offers free trials, while Intacct does not provide any. But it gives discounts if you are willing to pay quarterly.

Choose the Best Software for Your Business!

Netsuite and Intacct are both cloud-based accounting software platforms. They offer similar features and functionality, but some essential differences exist. This guide has pointed out the differences between NetSuite vs Intacct.

Now that you are informed, it’s time to decide which platform your business needs. If your company does more finance-related work, then Intacct is for you. But if your business offers more services aside from finance, then you should choose NetSuite.

By following these tips, you can find the best platform that suits your budget and needs.

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