Five Helpful Tools for Fixing Computer Error Messages

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The secret to maintain the peak performance of your computer is regular maintenance. This maintenance can be the tools your computer uses or even a physical upgrade.

Regardless, you might have seen your computer sending you error messages every time you decide to use a program. Don’t fret if so!

Thankfully, there are many ways to fix those errors, and one way of doing so is by downloading or buying tools that can do the fixing.

This piece will discuss some handy tools that you can use to fix the nuisance of error messages.

1. Restoro

Restoro is a powerful tool that has the functionality of multiple PC repair tools. Restoro will do a full system scan at the hardware level to the registry entries checking anything that could be the problem with just one click.

When the scan is complete, you will see a summary of the findings, and then you can decide whether to attend to one at a time or attend to them in bulk with a single click.

Restoro offers real-time malware protection and tells you when you try accessing dangerous websites.

2. Wiki Dll

Wiki Dll is perfect for whenever you run into any type of DLL file errors. Their site offers one of the largest databases of DLL files along with their descriptions. If you run into an error message like the fmodex.dll is missing error or an error for any other DLL file, simply go to their site, search for the file name, and download the file to your computer. This allows you to add the missing file back into the program that needs it and get it up and running again.

3. Tweaking Windows Repair

Tweaking windows repair is the software most people assume that only works for Windows 7, but it also works well with the latest model of Windows 10. The tool gives you the chance to perform all the repairs and optimization tasks you would expect from such software. The tool will clean your registry and do RAM repairs. The good thing about tweaking windows repair is that it is lightweight and perfect for those who still have older PCs running Windows 7.

Its features include:

    • It can remove policies set by infections.
    • The tools allow you to remove temp files and repair proxy settings.
    • You can repair CD/DVD that is not working.
    • You can unhide non-system files and repair windows updates.

You can register system files and repair the internet explorer and windows firewall, among other things.

4. Microsoft Fix It Center

Microsoft Fix It Center is another great solution to fixing your windows errors. This app scans for all kinds of issues, and it will try fixing what it can. The app downloads all updates from Microsoft. The good feature about this software is that it covers all corners of your computer, from crashes, system performances. The interface comes with a list of things you can do with it. When installing, once you press the run button, the tool starts to scan your system for any error. Once the tool finds a problem, it will suggest ways in which you can fix it. The tool gives you the chance to fix the error automatically or manually. You can sign in using a live windows account, allowing you more online solutions and remote management of more computers.

5. Fix WMP Utility

Fix WMP Utility is a tool to help users fix errors encountered when using the Window Media Player. The application will attempt to solve the issue caused by the registration of a particular DLL file used by the media player. The tool can handle problems caused by over 40 software components and recreate registry keys needed for playing media files. Some of these issues can be caused by system crashing or all kinds of cyber attacks that lead to the corruption of important components’ registration.

The Takeaway

The tools talked about above can be of great help to you if you are constantly receiving error messages from your computer. Give them a try and let us know how it went in the comments below.

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