Digital Tools That Can Boost Your Grades

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Are your grades not as high as you’d like them to be? There’s no need to feel defeated — you can improve your schoolwork and bump up your grades with the help of some simple digital tools.

1. Grammarly

If you want to boost the marks on your essays, then you should consider downloading Grammarly. Grammarly is a cross-platform cloud-based typing assistant that can spruce up your writing. It can help you find and correct spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, andit can encourage you to clarify difficult sentences and sharpen monotonous paragraphs.

Grammarly even comes with a plagiarism checker to prevent you from accidentally submitting copied content. As a student, you’ll want to avoid plagiarism accusations as much as possible. Plagiarism can lead to consequences like failed grades, failed courses and suspensions.

2. SparkNotes

Do you need help with your English homework? Then, SparkNotes is an excellent online tool to turn to for help. SparkNotes creates online study guides for books commonly found in high school curriculums and post-secondary English courses like Lord of the Flies or The Scarlet Letter. They have an entire section dedicated to William Shakespeare’s plays, including glossaries for Shakespearean terms that students might not understand.

SparkNotes can refresh your memory on forgotten chapters, explain tropes, translate old/middle English, quiz your knowledge and inspire essay ideas. Just remember to cite SparkNotes when you use it for your papers.

3. EasyBib

Speaking of citations, you might be interested in EasyBib. EasyBib is a literacy platform that can help you add citations to your school papers and bibliographies. They have APA and MLA citation generators that will help you quickly structure your citations. This is an incredible digital tool for students that struggle to format their bibliographies.

4. Photomath

What if you want to boost your math grades? Then, the app Photomath could be right for you. When you’re doing your math homework and a tricky problem has you stumped, you can scan it with this app.It will help you solve the problem step-by-step.

The premium version of the app also gives you custom visual aids and extra tips to make the learning experience that much easier.

5. Flashcard Apps

Do you have a quiz coming up? A test? A final exam? Then, you should consider downloading a flashcard app to help you study without wasting any paper. These digital flashcards can have more than text — you can include images and audio, too.

These are just some options for flashcard apps:

    • Quizlet
    • AnkiApp
    • StudyBlue
    • StudyStack
    • Brainscape

6. Online School

Is your course over? When you’re not happy with the grade you received in a course, and you know that you could do better if you did it all over again, you should sign up for an online school.

An online school will give you a second chance! You can take on challenging courses like MHF4U all over again and upgrade your marks. This second chance can help you pass classes that you failed or reach requirements that you need to get into the university/college program of your dreams.

Online school is a really useful educational option for students that struggle to focus inside classrooms. You can complete your coursework in the privacy of your own home and at your own pace. This alternative could make a big difference with your grades.

You don’t have to accept low grades as an inevitability. Use these digital tools to bump them up.

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