What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

what is crypto mining


Cryptocurrencies are becoming mainstream and there’s no doubt that they’ll likely become just about everyone’s favorite way of investing and trading in the near future.

However, it is important to understand the concept of mining since it’s closely knitted in the crypto world. Honestly, beginners hardly have any idea about mining, and with this article, we are sharing the details with you.

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What You Need To Know About Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is defined as a machine process with which a machine performs a variety of tasks to collect cryptocurrency. It’s safe to say that it’s an enormous TL;DR out there. To illustrate, the computer system performs specific tasks, known as proof of work, and is developed to ensure a fair playing field for everyone out there.

As far as the tasks are concerned, these are the mathematical equations. So, when more miners want to mine one similar pool, the equations become more difficult but it’s the ultimate way of balancing the pool but stronger competition calls for stronger and bigger machines.

Different Forms Of Cryptocurrency Mining

Mining is often a challenging task but understanding different types of mining can help determine the most promising solution that aligns with your experience and the availability of machinery and systems. So, let’s see different forms of cryptocurrency mining!

Cloud Mining

When it comes down to the types of cryptocurrency mining, it’s safe to say that cloud mining is the most popular choice as you don’t even need to lift a finger with it. Cloud mining involves paying some big corporation for the mining machine, known as the rig.

In simpler words, you can rent the rig as well as the mining process. The rent is set for a mutually-agreed time frame during which all the mined cryptocurrency is transferred to the cryptocurrency wallet.

The companies offering cloud mining services often have huge facilities available with hundreds and thousands of rigs stacked on each other and operating on the farms. This arena is gaining popularity since it’s empowering everyone to play in the mining world, even if they don’t have the money to buy their own rigs. Cloud mining is available in free as well as paid options, and it’s common to experiment with free options but it leads to slow mining speeds and additional terms and conditions that off-puts the users.

CPU Mining

CPU mining includes the use of processors to mine the desired cryptocurrency. Truth be told fewer and fewer people are opting for this mining form. This is primarily because CPU mining is extremely slow and it’s safe to say that it can take months to scrub some revenue from it.

Even more, CPU mining calls for extra cooling and electricity, which leads to higher bills. So, if you really want to go ahead with this option, it’s best to reside in a colder area with cheaper electricity.

Now, you must be wondering why people even use this form of mining – this is because it doesn’t require a specialized system as you can start mining with your own desktop computer. On the other hand, don’t even try CPU mining on a laptop because your laptop will be fried within a few hours.

GPU Mining

This is one of the most promising and famous methods of mining cryptocurrency, which is why GPU rigs are so easy to find. The best thing about GPU mining is that it’s cheaper and more efficient. While the system construction is cheap, it has a higher hash speed and the overall workforce is quick, leading to higher returns.

The GPU rigs are integrated with graphics cards to induce and complete the mining process. To illustrate, a GPU rig includes a processor, 2 to 8 graphics cards, rig frame, cooling, and motherboard. Generally, the price is around $3,000, which is obviously a huge investment but it delivers the results within a shorter time frame.


Cryptocurrency mining is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially for non techies. When you aren’t renting and have to solve the mathematical equations yourself, only experts are going to understand the true depths of mining crypto.

Nevertheless, it’s good to be in the know and at least understand the basics of mining cryptocurrencies. At the minimum, you need to know what it is.

Hopefully this brief guide on mining cryptocurrency has at least helped you to understand the basics.

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