Tips to Send Money Internationally Online

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If you are one of the millions of people who sends money abroad each year, but you are not currently doing so online, then we are here to tell you why you should.

There is nothing wrong with sending money using brick and mortar remittance agents of course, but this traditional approach really doesn’t compare with the experience of sending money across the world, using the internet.

Here is exactly why this is a better option, and how you can start to send money online right away.

Benefits of Sending Money Online

Ultimately this approach to making international transfers is simply easier than doing so via a remittance agent. Online you have better control over your transfers, you can track them as they move, you will be able to link multiple accounts and you can send money on a whim in no time at all. This is faster, more convenient, less stressful and ultimately the smartest way for you to send money to countries around the world.

Choosing a Service

There are a number of companies which offer you the chance to send money around the world online, and our preference is Ria Money Transfer. This is one of the biggest companies in the industry and they have a commitment to speed, excellence and low cost money transfers. Ria operates in over 160 countries and has 500,000 locations. Better still, this company offers a mobile app and a high functioning website from which to send your money.

Initiating Payment

To get started with sending money to you friends or family, you simply need to input their address or their bank details into the app or website, once you have set your profile up. The next step will be to add your own details, as to where the money is coming from. Here you can take the money from your checking account, your debit card or even your credit card. Pay attention to the different transfer times and fees depending on how you are funding this transaction.

Checking Fees and Sending

Once you have input the source and destination of the money, the next step will be for you to check the currency conversion and the fees which are being charged, to ensure that you are happy. The currency rate will only be locked in for a short time before it changes, so pay attention to that. Once you are happy, simply click send and the money will be on its way.

Tracking and Customer Service

As we have mentioned, the fact that you can track your money is a great benefit which online transfers give you. Additionally if you have noticed anything that isn’t right about your transfer, you can speak directly with the customer service team who will answer and resolve any queries or problems which you may have.

The Takeaway

To anyone out there looking to send money abroad, using an online service is the fastest and most efficient way to do just that. Companies such as Ria Money Transfer make sending money internationally easy.

Sending cryptocurrencies is also a growing option, but at this time it is still a tool that not everyone is ready to use. It also requires additional steps to convert cryptocurrency to fiat money once received, among other caveats.

All in all, using an established online service for sending money internationally is still the best option to get money to your loved ones overseas.

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