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The iPhone 14 Plus is now the price it should have been at launch


The iPhone 14 Plus came with a pretty hefty price tag when it first hit the market but now it can be had with a significant price drop.

If you head on over to Amazon, you can pick up a brand new iPhone 14 Plus for just £864.21, which is a notable decrease over the original £949 asking price. Given that iPhone prices have been slowly creeping up over the last few years, this feels like a much better rate for a fantastic phone that was otherwise held back by its astronomically high price.

After the commercial failure of the iPhone mini range, Apple tried its hand at a different type of iPhone in the 14 Plus, mirroring the 14 Pro Max by offering the same large screen experience but with the same specs of the base level iPhone.

iPhone 14 Plus Price Drop

iPhone 14 Plus Price Drop

The iPhone 14 Plus has finally come down to a more reasonable price, making now an excellent time to pick one up.

  • Amazon
  • Was £949
  • Now £864.21

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That prospect might sound a bit odd to some but from our testing, we actually found the iPhone 14 Plus to be one of the best iPhones you can buy right now, and easier to recommend than the standard iPhone 14.

For starters, the battery life is exceptional. In his review for the 14 Plus, Editor Max Parker wrote: “If you’re after the iPhone with the best battery life, then the 14 Plus is the way to go. It lasts longer than both the iPhone 14 and the 14 Pro Max in my tests, and it’s the only current iPhone that can – with some slight usage management – last two days.”

Of course, it almost goes without saying but the large 6.7-inch display is a joy for watching content on the go, browsing the web and taking pictures when you’re out and about. Speaking of which, the two rear-facing cameras on the 14 Plus are incredibly versatile, and can throw back some impressively colourful shots in almost any scenario.

If you want a handset from the latest generation of iPhones then the iPhone 14 Plus is an easy one to recommend, and especially so at this reduced price.

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