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Prime Day – 3 months of Audible audiobooks for 99p read all about it!


It’s not just gadgets Amazon is heavily discounting on Prime Day, it’s subscriptions too. Right now there’s a stupendous Prime Day deal on the Audible audiobooks service.

Prime Members can get three months of audible for just 99p if they sign-up before the end of the day. That’s 99p in total. The membership entitles you to one audiobook of your choice every single month. and usually costs £7.99 a month.

After the insanely discounted trial period ends, the books are yours to hang on to even if you cancel immediately. Can’t say fairer than that, eh?

That’s three three audiobooks for 99p, and it’s not just the dregs either. You can get all the best-sellers, the current hits, the classic reads and some editors’ picks. If you’ve used your credit, you can get up to 80% off a selection of audiobooks and get unlimited access to a huge selection of Audible Original Podcasts.

All of your purchases and downloads are synced across all of the devices you own, provided you’re logged in with your Amazon account. That means you can listen to the Fellowship of the Ring on the way home from work and instantly send it to the Echo speaker in the kitchen as you start cooking dinner.

That opens you up to a world of audio controls, like “Alexa, read my audiobook.” and “Alexa, stop reading in 30 minutes.” We love this one when we’re listening at night. “Alexa, next chapter” helps if you’re not particularly enthused by the short story or subject matter being covered.

You can also switch seamlessly between reading and listening to your kindle books with the Audible narration tools. It does mean having compatible books in your Kindle library, but it’s a pretty sweet benefit nonetheless. Audible also offers a car mode, for easy access on your journey and the ability to change narration speed.

Only Prime members are seeing the benefits right now and the offer is not open to current subscribers for obvious reasons. We’re not sure if you can access this if you’ve already had a trial, as Amazon doesn’t make it clear. Good luck though.

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