The Easy Way to Handle Your Computer Recycling in Montreal

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Electronic devices are one of the perks of the modern age that make our lives easier. However, a problem can arise when these electronics reach the end of their life. Then, we stop using them and put them away. And if we don’t do that right, this waste becomes a danger to the environment.

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E-waste has been a hot issue for the last few years. Electronics utilize different materials, from plastic and glass to heavy metals. We can reuse many of these, but on the other hand, some elements can be very harmful if we don’t handle electronic waste properly.

Recycling electronic waste is the solution to this problem. It’s a matter of proper collection, selection, disposal, and repurposing of the mentioned materials, depending on whether they’re recyclable. This should be done in an environmentally acceptable way, with as few consequences for the environment and human health as possible.

If you live in Montreal, here’s how to safely dispose of old computers, TVs, and other electronics.

Research Electronic Waste Recycling Facilities and Programs

The e-waste disposal must be carried out according to the law, following all standards and regulations to reduce the harmful impact on the environment. It simply means you can’t just throw your old computer in the bin unless it’s specifically designated for e-waste.

You have to get familiarized with recycling options within your local municipality. Do your research to find out which facilities perform recycling and which programs are available in Montreal. You’ll probably run into many dedicated e-waste recycling depots. These accept various electronic devices, including computers, for responsible recycling.

As for the recycling programs, the most popular is Recycle My Electronics, with over 1,000 authorized drop-off points all over Quebec. In this case, the matter is simple – you take your e-waste to a designated location, where it gets picked up with special vehicles that enable safe transport to recycling facilities.

Manufacturer Take-Back Programs


The amount of e-waste is increasing every year, and that’s certainly bad news. But the good thing is that the producers and sellers of these goods are becoming more aware of their harmfulness. So they’re trying to find ways to reduce this detrimental impact. Thus, many decide to take part in recycling programs, that is, take-back programs that can bring multiple benefits.

Be sure to ask the manufacturer about computer recycling Montreal and how you can participate. There’s a good chance they accept this e-waste because many components can be reused. For you, this means easy and carefree e-waste disposal. You can also enjoy extra perks in the form of credits for buying a new device.

Manufacturers also benefit from recycling old electronics. Some devices can be completely refurbished and resold. But not every device can be reused fully. When you have an outdated device, manufacturers partner with recycling companies to at least partially recapture the value of wasted electronics that not only helps to preserve the environment but also reduces production costs, positively affecting profit margins.

Give Your Appliance a Second Life

Technology is advancing at an unstoppable speed. New electronic products with updated performance are constantly appearing on the market. Tech-savvy people are simply enticed to buy them. It often happens that people buy new computers even though the old ones still serve them well. They may not be the latest generation models, but they’re perfectly functional.

In this case, the best thing you can do is find someone who will use your old computer for good. In technology, ‘old’ is a relative term, given that computers and other electronics become outdated quickly, even though they are only a few years old. Of course, you must take steps beforehand to wipe your computer and prevent data misuse. Find out how to do it at this link.

You can give the old computer to someone, donate it to charity, or simply find a Montreal non-profit organization where this device will get a new life. In this way, you have done several good deeds for the environment, your municipality, and humanity. Just make sure the device is in good condition.

Another great way to find a good purpose for your old computer is to join the Computers for Schools + program. All donated electronics get refurbished and distributed to schools, not-for-profit organizations in need, and eligible low-income Canadians. The purpose of this program is to allow Internet access to a broader audience and expand digital literacy.

You can dispose of your old computer in many ways without overloading landfills and harming the environment. Ensure that the chosen recycling facility in Montreal follows proper ecological and data security practices. Recycling is always a good choice, and you have to do it right, with the utmost attention to the environment.

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