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The Pixel 7a has leaked six months early


The Google Pixel 7 has been on the shelves for less than two months, but the tech leak factory rarely ceases operations and today we’ve potentially got our first look 2023’s Pixel 7a.

The mid-range successor to Google’s flagship range has purportedly been outed in leaked images for the first time. It shows, somewhat unsurprisingly, a device that looks a good amount like the Pixel 6a.

Given Google didn’t do much with the design of the Pixel 7 – compared to its predecessor – it makes sense the A-Series phone would follow suit.

According to the images and specs sourced by experienced leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer of OnLeaks and Smartprix (via XDA Developers), the dimensions of 152.4 x 72.9 x 9.0mm are almost identical, while the signature camera bar remains in play – with the device stretching to 10.1mm along that strip.

Image credit: Smartprix / OnLeaks

The display, bezel, centred selfie camera ,and slight chin at the foot of the device will also be familiar to Pixel 6a owners. What will be improved beyond the design remains to be seen. There’s scope to add the Google Tensor G2 processor, which debuted within the Pixel 7 range, while Google may also improve the cameras beyond the dual 12-megapixel rear cameras within the Pixel 6a.

While the display looks as if it’ll be the same size, judging by the dimensions, Google could choose to remedy one of the Pixel 6a’s shortcomings – the absence of a 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate.

Faster charging would also be welcome with our Pixel 6a review pointing out the device maxed out at a mere 18W, which is considerably slower than its Android rivals. There’s no wireless charging either, which Google has chosen to reserve for its flagship phones until now.

Of course, Android 13 would be on board and Google promises five years of updates for its homegrown phones meaning some serious improvements over time, and all the security issues nixed for the lifetime of the phone.

We’re expecting the Pixel 7a to arrive at Google I/O in May 2023, if previous form is followed. That means it’s probably still six months away.

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