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The biggest Apple announcements from the Peek Performance event


Apple has just treated us to a showcase of all its latest and greatest new tech products. Here’s a full round-up of every announcement.

The world of tech always stops to take note when Apple unveils its latest product line-up, and it was no different for the Peek Performance.

While not everything that was rumoured to arrive did actually make its appearance, there were plenty of shiny new devices that did make their debut — and here’s the full list.

iPhone SE 3

iPhone SE 3

Apple started off with the unveiling of the iPhone SE 3. The key change over its predecessor is the addition of the impressive A15 Bionic (along with its 5G connectivity), while the camera also received an improved sensor. However it was arguably just as noteworthy for what stayed the same as what changed; the design, screen and battery capacity all seem to be unchanged from the iPhone SE 2.

Starting price: £419/$429

Availability: Pre-order from March 11, available from March 18

iPad Air 5

With the announcement of the iPad Air 5, the big upgrade was once again on the inside rather than the outside: it has been upgraded with the Apple M1 chip, the same one you’ll find powering the top-end iPad Pro 2021. The front-facing camera has also been tweaked to include Center Stage, so that it will include you and your companions in the frame when you’re using video calls on FaceTime.

There had been rumours that the screen would be upgraded to OLED, but these were unfounded; it has the same 10.9-inch LCD panel as the iPad Air 4.

Starting price: £569/$599

Availability: Pre-order from March 11, available from March 18

Apple M1 Ultra

M1 Ultra chipset

Apple also added another string to its bow of silicon chips, named the M1 Ultra. Outstripping the M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max, this processor is incredibly powerful — as you can see from the specifications above. You will soon see it in action on the Apple Studio.

Mac Studio

The new Mac Studio closely resembles the Mac Mini, measuring just 7.7-inches long and 3.7-inches high, so it’s a relatively small device. It’s also highly flexible due to the number of connections it boasts: you’ll find four Thunderbolt 4 ports, a 10GB Ethernet port, an HDMI port, a pro audio jack port and two USB-A ports. The front also houses two USB-C ports, or two Thunderbolt ports when you choose the M1 Ultra, as well as an SD card for easy access.

Price (M1 Max variant): $1999/£1999

Price (M1 Ultra variant): $3999/£3999.

Availability: Pre-order from March 8, available from March 18

Apple Studio Display

The Apple Studio Display was unveiled to complement the above Mac Studio, and it seems to be an alternative to the Apple Mac Pro Display XDR, lacking some of the top-end specs such as ProMotion. That’s not to say this panel isn’t impressive though; it is a slim, 27-inch 5K Retina monitor with a 5120x2880p resolution, that comes in Silver and Black aluminium finishes.

Starting price: £1499/$1599

Availability: Pre-order from March 8, available from March 18

iPhone 13 in green

iPhone 13 Pro Green Alpine Green

Both the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro have been treated to new colour options, namely Green and Alpine Green respectively. You won’t have to pay any extra for these new editions, and it does add a fresh spring-like hue to the ranges. Both handsets will arrive with iOS 15.4 pre-installed.

Availability: Pre-order from March 11, available from March 18

iOS 15.4

Face ID with Mask
Image credit: @BrandonButch on Twitter

Apple also announced iOS 15.4, which is likely to be the last major iPhone operating system to be unveiled before iOS 16 makes its appearance this summer. The headline from this upgrade is the ability to use FaceID even when wearing a mask, while a new ‘Tap to Pay’ feature will let iPhones become mobile terminals for accepting contactless payments.

The official roll-out date was not revealed at the event, but we would expect it to arrive sometime around March 18.

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