Get Your Camera Ready, ‘New Pokemon Snap’ Arrives on Nintendo Switch April 30th

An illustration of 'New Pokemon Snap'

After more than two decades of waiting, fans of the 1999 hit Pokemon Snap are getting a sequel. New Pokemon Snap lands on the Nintendo Switch April 30th, finally bringing all 8 generations of Pokemon behind the lens.

New Pokemon Snap takes place in the new Lental region, which contains a mix of marshlands, forests, and tropical beaches. But it isn’t just scenery—the diverse landscape gives you the opportunity to capture photos of a wide variety of Pokemon (or throw apples to harass the Pokemon), just as you did in Pokemon Snap on the Nintendo 64.

Your journeys are planned by Professor Mirror and his assistant Rita, who have knowledge of the Lental region’s ecology. Professor Mirror sends you out in a self-driving car (like an “on rails” arcade shooter) and judges the quality of each photo you take. The better the picture, the more “Photodex” points you accumulate, the more clout you get on Twitter.

New Pokemon Snap arrives on the Nintendo Switch April 30th. We should expect a ton of cool Pokemon announcements this year, as 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the classic franchise.

Source: Nintendo

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