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Apple AirTags: Item trackers could finally launch on April 20


Here’s everything you need to know about the Apple AirTags, including all the latest news, leaks and rumours for Apple’s answer to the Tile tracker.

AirTags are rumoured Apple’s version of the popular Tile GPS tracker. Like Tile, the AirTags should be able to be stuck onto your keys, wallet or anything else you might be prone to misplacing.

There have already been tons of rumours surrounding the device from specs to renders to information on the production schedule, suggesting that Apple is struggling to keep the product under wraps.

Scroll down to learn more about Apple’s AirTags, including design, features, specs, release date and price. Make sure to bookmark this guide and keep checking back as we update this page regularly.

AirTags Release Date –When can expect AirTags?

Many had hoped to see the AirTags unveiled at one of Apple’s numerous events towards the end of 2020, however that didn’t come to be. Jon Prosser previously suggested a March 2021 release date but that again failed to materialise.

Now, Apple has announced a Spring Loaded event for April 20, which seems like a prime candidate for the long-awaited launch of the item tracking technology set to boast pinpoint accurate Ultra Wideband technology, as well as Bluetooth.

AirTags Price –How much will the AirTags cost?

The only clue we have so regarding the price of the AirTags comes by way of leaker Max Weinbach (via the EverythingApplePro YouTube channel). Weinbach estimates the AirTags will cost in the region of $39, which would likely translate to £39.

Traditionally, Apple products have been more expensive than competing devices so we’d expect them to be more than Tile’s library of trackers. Tile currently sells the Tile Sticker for £34.99 (two pack), the Tile Mate for £19.99, the Tile Slim for £24.99 and the Tile Pro for £29.99.

AirTags Design and Features

The AirTags are Apple’s highly rumoured answer to Tile and Samsung’s recently announced SmartTag which pairs with the Galaxy S21.

The tracking accessory will allow you to locate any item you attach it to, whether that be your keys, your bag or your Apple Card-holding wallet.

While Apple has yet to officially confirm the AirTags’ existence, we’ve seen enough leaks and rumours in the last year to assume the company is working on bringing its own tracking accessory to the market.

In April 2020, Apple accidentally leaked the AirTags itself in the beta code for an iOS update. The company has also published and pulled a video that specifically referenced the device, making it clear that Apple has been struggling to keep the release under wraps.

Apple has also filed a patent for a suspiciously AirTag-like device in the past, which you can read below:

Systems of radio frequency identification (RFID systems); radio frequency (RFID) labels, RFID tags, where RFID tags are in form of cards, tags or key rings; RFID markers, RFID bracelets, RFID rings, RFID disks, RFID labels, RFID stickers, RFID stamps, RFID printed circuits, RFID boles, RFID ear tags, RFID plastic or glass flasks, RFID keys, flexible cases, also in uncased version or in other types of cases, including with graphic image; readers; smart cards (integrated circuit cards); chips (integrated circuits), namely, RFID cards; computer software, recorded, including software for issue and control of RFID tags”.

In June, Twitter user @blue_kanikama shared what looks to be a marketing screenshot.

Meanwhile, Twitter leaker @Soybeys showcased what appear to be the AirTags’ sound effects. Whether these sounds will play from the app or from the tracker itself is still unclear.

Another leak comes from tipster Jon Prosser. Prosser shared a video on the Front Page Tech YouTube channel, giving his viewers a look at the alleged tracking accessory.

According to Prosser, the AirTags will be slightly larger than a bottle cap in size, with a clean, white front and a polished metal back. The back of the tracker will also feature the Apple logo, of course.

You might have noticed that, unlike Tile’s trackers, there is no hole to attach the AirTags to your keys. One particularly interesting – and very Apple – detail in this leak is that Apple reportedly plans to sell the keychain separately. The keychain will feature a small leather pouch that you’ll be able to slip your AirTag into. While this likely means more money from your pocket, Prosser points out in the video that this could open the market to a range of unique third-party keychains and pouches.

Image: Jon Prosser / @CConceptCreator

Image: Jon Prosser / @CConceptCreator

As far as what is inside the tracker goes, Prosser says the AirTags will use ultra-wideband (UWB) technology for incredibly precise location tracking in the Find My app.

You can view the 3D renders of the AirTags made by @CConceptCreator below. These renders are based on videos supposedly supplied to Prosser to protect the source.


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