Your Xbox Is Getting a New Home Screen


And it’s looking really good.

Elizabeth Henges / How-To Geek

Even though PCs can be fantastic for gaming, consoles have remained a popular option for anyone interested in a setup that doesn’t require hunting for PC parts or messing with graphics settings. If you own an Xbox, you’re in luck, as Microsoft is re-doing its home screen — and it looks absolutely amazing.

Microsoft is launching a new Home experience for all Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One consoles. Microsoft says that it took into account player feedback for this update, and that it’s also aiming to enhance user interaction, game discovery, and personalization.

The changes include a quick access menu at the top of the Home screen, allowing easy navigation to the Library, Microsoft Store, Xbox Game Pass, Search, and Settings. To improve personalization, the layout has been simplified to create more space for a personalized background. Games played recently and other content and apps are now located towards the bottom of the screen. You also have the option to change your background to match the game you’re highlighting in the recently played list.


The update also introduces curated and personalized lists of games to enhance game discovery, making it easier for players to find new games they might be interested in. And you can even customize your experience by pinning favorite games, curated groups, and system groups like Quick Resume to the Home screen. The Friends & Community Updates row also has been updated to help you stay informed about what’s happening in your community, allowing easy access to media apps and entertainment content through the Watch & Listen spotlight and list of entertainment apps.

Microsoft says development of the new Home experience involved collaboration from various teams within Xbox, including engineers, designers, and researchers. The company was “investing in infrastructure that would allow us to try different layouts of the page with different content for different situations and customers” to then evaluate “many different elements of the design process including what people interact with in the experience, how easy it is for people to complete the action they want to take, and how satisfied they are with the overall experience.”

The update is currently being rolled out gradually to Xbox consoles, but it might take a few weeks for it to reach everyone.

Source: Microsoft

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