First 15-inch MacBook Air and Apple Silicon Mac Pro orders now arriving to customers

First 15-inch MacBook Air and Apple Silicon Mac Pro orders now arriving to customers

Apple announced three new Macs at WWDC 2023: a 15-inch MacBook Air, a new generation Mac Studio, and the very first Mac Pro with an Apple Silicon chip. These Macs went on pre-order last week, and now the first orders are finally arriving to customers around the world.

As announced by Apple, the new Macs would officially become available in retail stores starting June 13. On the same day, the first customers who bought the new Macs on pre-order would begin to receive their orders. Since it’s already Tuesday in some countries, we now have reports of customers already getting their hands on the new Macs.

On Twitter, we can see some pictures of people showing the new 15-inch MacBook Air. Some of the pictures also show the new Macs available at Apple Retail Stores.

15-inch MacBook Air

The 15-inch MacBook Air has essentially the same hardware and design as the 13-inch MacBook Air introduced last year, but this time with a larger display. Both feature the same M2 chip and are available with the same RAM and storage options.

Despite the larger size, the 15-inch MacBook Air has no extra ports. However, Apple says it was able to fit new built-in speakers for a better sound experience. In the US, prices start at $1299, while the 13-inch model now starts at $1099.

New Mac Studio

The second generation Mac Studio has kept the same design as the first generation. The big news here is the M2 Max chip, which has a 12-core CPU, up to 38-core GPU, and up to 64GB of RAM. Apple has also introduced a new, even more powerful M2 Ultra chip, which doubles the specifications. It has a 12-core CPU, up to 76-core GPU, and up to 128GB of RAM.

Every model features six Thunderbolt 4 ports, two USB-A ports, HDMI, Ethernet, and headphone jack. Prices start at $1,999 in the US.

Mac Studio WWDC hardware

Apple Silicon Mac Pro

While the future of the Mac Pro was unclear, Apple finally introduced the first Mac Pro with an Apple Silicon chip, completing the transition of the Mac family from Intel processors to its own chips. Every Apple Silicon Mac Pro is powered by the M2 Ultra chip, the same one available in the new Mac Studio.

The main difference compared to the Mac Studio is that the Mac Pro still has its iconic modular design with PCIe ports, which allows users to add more storage, extra ports, and sound cards.

In the US, Mac Pro starts at $6,999. Since the Apple Silicon version has kept the same design as its predecessor, Apple still offers the same accessories for the machine, such as the $400 wheels and a Rack version.

Apple Silicon Mac Pro

Did you buy a new Mac? Has it shipped yet? Let us know in the comments section below. And don’t forget to take a look at Amazon for good deals on new Macs.

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