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Best heavy-duty Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra cases in 2023


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Samsung’s Ultra smartphone lineup represents the best the company has to offer. In 2022, the Galaxy S22 Ultra stood out, and even though it has been replaced by the Galaxy S23 Ultra, it remains a great phone. After all, it was the device that finally merged the Galaxy S and Note lines into one product, bringing that boxy design and S Pen to the masses.

The S22 Ultra uses Gorilla Glass Victus on the front and back, with armored aluminum on the frame. Although these materials make for a durable device, glass will always eventually crack or shatter — and the curved sides don’t help. Besides, some of us are more clumsy than others or work in environments that put phones in harm’s way due to drops, dust, water, sawdust, grass clippings, and more.

If you want to keep your expensive flagship device looking its best, you’ll want to keep it safe. With that in mind, these are the best cases for extreme protection, even if that level of protection comes at the expense of ergonomics.

  • Spigen Touch Armor for Galaxy S22 Ultra

    Source: Amazon
    Spigen Tough Armor Galaxy S22 Ultra case
    Best overall
    $20 $40 Save $20

    There’s a lot to like about Spigen’s Tough Armor. It feels solid in your hand, has a sleek design with an integrated kickstand, and it’s reasonably priced. The typical polycarbonate and TPU materials are joined by an extra layer of foam for added shock absorption, and the button covers retain their sensitivity. However, the biggest complaint for most will likely be the slippery feel of the hard plastic outer shell and the less pronounced buttons that can be hard to feel.

  • Urban Armor Gear Monarch for Galaxy S22 Ultra

    Source: Amazon
    Urban Armor Gear Monarch for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
    Premium pick

    The UAG Monarch may not be the most wallet-friendly case on our list, but it will keep your phone safe in most situations and look great while doing it. This case surprisingly adds only 1.5 ounces of weight to your device, and it won’t get in the way of wireless charging or NFC. The slick backplate doesn’t provide the best grip, but the sides are extra-grippy, and that’s where you’ll be holding onto it anyway.

  • Poetic Neon Case for Galaxy S22 Ultra

    Source: Amazon
    Poetic Neon for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
    Best value

    The Poetic Neon takes a multipronged approach to safeguard your S22 Ultra, with shock-absorbing material, reinforced corners, and grippy sides and back, so you’re less likely to drop it. Despite this, it doesn’t add a lot of bulk or weight to your device, making it a good choice for those who need reliable protection with a slim feel. The case is also quite stylish, with several solid and two-tone colorways to choose from.

  • Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro for Galaxy S22 Ultra

    Source: Amazon
    Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro For Galaxy S22 Ultra
    Promoted pick

    In partnership with Supcase

    Supcase prides itself on making some of the toughest phone cases out there, and the Unicorn Beetle Pro Series lives up to that claim. It’s even won a CNET Award for surviving the most total feet dropped, thanks to its dual-material, multi-layered construction. The kickstand built into the back also works great in both landscape and portrait mode, remaining stable and sturdy no matter which way you prop it up.

  • Incipio Grip for Galaxy S22 Ultra

    Source: Incipio
    Incipio Grip for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

    The Incipio Grip is the most robust of the company’s offerings for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, offering 14-foot drop protection. However, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to test that, thanks to Grip’s side bumpers, which are covered in raised, rubbery ridges that resemble caltrops but feel quite pleasant in hand. Available in three colors, the bold cherry red is one of our faves as it catches the eye without screaming midlife crises like the Ferrari red heavy-duty cases on the market today.

  • Poetic Spartan for Galaxy S22 Ultra

    Source: Amazon
    Poetic Spartan for Galaxy S22 Ultra

    Poetic’s Spartan is a heavy-duty case that looks the part with a design that blends ruggedness with refinement. Pleather accent panels are joined by an assortment of mostly subdued color options that hide a versatile kickstand that lets you prop your S22 Ultra up in landscape or portrait orientation. Spartan also provides two front frames in the package, allowing you to choose whether to use the included screen protector, add your own tempered glass, or just protect your screen with a raised edge.

  • CaseBorne V for Galaxy S22 Ultra

    Source: Amazon
    CaseBorne V for Galaxy S22 Ultra
    $25 $30 Save $5

    The CaseBorne V’s claim to fame is its selection of unusual colors like construction-grade neon orange and soft purple. Otherwise, the design is similar to most rugged cases, with the usual assortment of important features like an integrated kickstand, precision cutouts that don’t interfere with button functionality, proper dust flaps for the USB-C port, and grip-enhancing texture on the sides. It’s also been tested to survive drops up to 21 feet without its precious cargo getting damaged, yet it’s surprisingly affordable.

  • VRS-damda-s22-ultra

    Source: VRS Design
    VRS Design Damda Glide Pro for Galaxy S22 Ultra

    The VRS Damda Glide Pro is one of the most practical cases around. It can take a beating, it looks good, and it can keep your cards close to hand as well. The case has ‘glide’ in the name because the mechanism for opening the wallet compartment is an incredibly smooth slide, while feeling sturdy enough to trust with something as important as your bank card.

  • i-Blason Ares for Galaxy S22 Ultra

    Source: Amazon
    i-Blason Ares for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
    Promoted pick

    In partnership with i-Blason

    $18 $20 Save $2

    Unlike most phone cases that detract from the look of your device, i-Blason’s Ares features a clear backplate to show off the aesthetic of your S22 Ultra while still safeguarding it against scratches. It is also fingerprint-resistant, so it won’t wind up with a bunch of dirty-looking smudges on the back. There’s also a pronounced bezel around the camera lenses and a thick raised border around the display for extra protection.

  • Nillkin CamShield Armor for Galaxy S22 Ultra

    Source: Amazon
    Nillkin CamShield Armor for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

    Don’t be fooled by the low price tag of the Nillkin CamShield Armor. Despite boasting lots of features, this is a quality case that stands up well to wear, tear, and drops thanks to the multi-layer construction and air cushioning. Its standout feature is a sliding camera cover that keeps the lenses safe from scratches that can interfere with picture quality over time. The case also has a swiveling ring holder that doubles as a kickstand.

  • OtterBox Defender for Galaxy S22 Ultra

    Source: Best Buy
    OtterBox Defender Pro for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
    $38 $60 Save $22

    The Defender Pro offers the same heavy-duty construction as Otterbox’s popular Defender series while adding a silver-based antimicrobial additive to the material that helps guard against bacteria. That’s a great idea when you consider how dirty phones can actually get, but keep in mind that it’s not guaranteed to kill everything, so it won’t protect you against viruses and illness-inducing bacteria. It’s also on the expensive side, but it’s equipped with an integrated stand, a belt clip, and a lifetime warranty.

  • Ghostek Nautical for Galaxy S22 Ultra

    Source: Amazon
    Ghostek Nautical for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
    $50 $60 Save $10

    The Ghostek Nautical is tailor-made for those who are constantly near the water. It’s waterproof and swim-proof up to 20 feet for an hour, with a watertight cover for the USB-C port and support for wireless charging. It’s great on land, too, with a non-slip grip and 12-foot drop protection. Just be aware that while it will protect your phone from a dunk, it’s not buoyant, so you may want to invest in a floating strap before you take it out to sea.

Which case is right for you?

All the cases here offer serious protection for the Galaxy S22 Ultra. They’re not the same, though, with some balancing ergonomics and safety more than others. You’ll need to think about how much protection you need and balance that with comfort, price, and design.

Our favorite case overall is the Spigen Tough Armor. It’s made of a soft TPU inner layer and a hard plastic shell, which work in tandem to resist harsh impacts and dissipate kinetic energy around the phone rather than through it. That gives you above-average protection from most knocks and drops while the case remains relatively slim. The kickstand is a nice bonus, but quite fragile, so I wouldn’t make that a deciding factor.

Our premium pick is the UAG Monarch. It’s an expensive case, but it’s well worth it if you want something different. The Monarch uses soft TPU and Kevlar to withstand most beatings you throw at it. The benefit of Kevlar is that it’s light as well as strong, so the Monarch only adds 1.5 ounces to the phone, which is hardly noticeable.

If you’re looking for absolute value, the Poetic Neon has you covered. As with many of the cases on this list, it’s made up of a soft TPU inner layer and a hard plastic shell. Though it isn’t as durable as the Spigen or UAG, it’s more than enough for most people since it makes up for that drawback with comfort. The Poetic case is incredibly easy to hold and won’t fatigue your hand. It also gets plenty of bonus points for design, thanks to the seven colors you can choose from.

If you’d prefer a less chunky case, we have even more Galaxy S22 Ultra case options. Whichever case you decide to go with, you can rest easy knowing that your S22 Ultra will be safe. Of course, a case is only half the safety process. You’ll also want a good screen protector to go with it.

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