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YouTube is removing the button that deleted duplicate videos from playlists


YouTube has been busy lately cooking up the latest TikTok competitor, but not so busy it couldn’t find time to kill off some features. The company recently announced that a number of playlist-related features will soon be discontinued, including video notes, auto-add, and the “remove duplicates” button.

An alert on the YouTube Help Center page informs users that four features are on the verge of being removed from the platform. Video notes, which allowed users to add private notes to videos in a playlist, and auto-add, which automatically added videos to playlists based on selectable criteria, are two of the capabilities being canned.

These features may be going away on October 8, since that’s the data download deadline.

The third one being removed is a feature that allowed users to add custom translations for playlist titles and descriptions. Finally, the last thing we’re losing is a button that, oddly enough, removed duplicate videos from a playlist. It’s only fitting that the YouTube team focuses on features that are actually being used by most people, but now how am I going to keep myself from re-adding this video to my Favorites playlist every time I remember it?

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