Why Best Buy will have better Prime Day TV deals than Amazon

A Sonos Arc soundbar within a home theater setup.

With Prime Day almost upon us, you may wonder why you don’t see many TV deals on Amazon. Well, the truth is that Amazon has never really been the best place to find TVs, even though Prime Day is one of the best days of the year to grab electronics, which may seem a little weird. There are a few reasons you’re likely to find better and more varied deals on a place like Best Buy rather than Amazon when the Prime Day deals arrive tomorrow.

Best Buy specializes in TVs; Amazon doesn’t

The Insignia 50-inch F30 Series 4K Smart Fire TV hangs in a living room.

Amazon’s main focus on TVs has always been their branded stuff like the Fire TV, as well as other TVs that essentially work off the same platform. Best Buy doesn’t have its Smart TV OS or its TV brand, so it has no incentive to prioritize one TV over another. That’s why, even without the usual fanfare of Prime Day, Best Buy always has more TVs for sale and with excellent deals, whether you want a high-end Samsung, a reasonably priced Hisense, or a budget TCL.

It’s honestly safe to say that Best Buy is better at TVs than Amazon.

Best Buy will try to undercut Amazon’s prices

The LG 55-inch C1 OLED TV hangs on the wall in a living room.

There’s a huge target on Amazon’s back since it holds the largest market share of any retailer in the US. That means other retailers, like Best Buy and Walmart, will always try to undercut Amazon to grab at least some of their customers. In fact, some of these retailers often have a whole section of loss-leading products; that’s products that they make a loss on but are meant to bring people into their shop and create brand loyalty.

As such, it’s not unusual to see better prices at Best Buy, even for the same TVs that Amazon is selling.

Top Best Buy TV deals you can shop today

The 50-inch Onn QLED 4K Roku TV hanging on a wall.

If you’re planning on browsing the Prime Day TV deals looking for a TV, we encourage you to look at some Best Buy TV deals instead, as you’re likely to either find a better deal or more features for the budget you have. In fact, while you can take a more in-depth look yourself, we have some early picks right here that may pique your interest.

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