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What time is it? Time for a spiffy new look for setting Android reminders, that’s what


Your phone’s clock is likely one of the most essential utilities on your device — after all, how else would you get up in the morning? It’s not the only Google app that deals in measurements of time, of course. Calendar, Tasks, and even Keep all rely on specific timeframes to schedule appointments and to notify you of upcoming reminders. With Android 12 on the way, Google is updating some of its applications with a refreshed look perfect for scrolling through and selecting hours and minutes.

As spotted by 9to5Google, several Android applications have been getting updated with a larger time picker over the last couple of weeks. Although it has yet to arrive for core services like Calendar, Tasks, and the Clock app itself, Keep and Search have both received this new look, with the latter implementing it for Assistant’s reminders.

Left: Old time picker. Right: New time picker.

As for the actual changes themselves, it’s a subtle touch that makes the time picker feel a little more roomy and spacious. The new dial adds some vertical height to its UI, while the new number entry field helps make the numbers much more legible. It’s a slight improvement, but one that feels right at home with Android’s modern Material You look.

Although it has yet to come to most services, any application — including third-party apps — can take advantage of these refreshed clock settings with an update. It’s certainly a welcome addition to one of the most fundamental system UI elements on your phone.

Google Keep - Notes and Lists
Google Keep - Notes and Lists

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