Weekend poll: Are you interested in Google’s ‘Sabrina’ Android TV dongle?


Last week, our friends at XDA Developers dug up a treasure trove of details surrounding the upcoming Android TV-powered dongle long-rumored to be in development at Google. Beyond showing us what it and its included remote might look like, together with a handful of specs, we also got our first glimpse at the Android TV redesign it could ship with. Of course, you can’t buy one yet, but are you already thinking about picking one up?

We don’t know when the Android TV dongle with the hardware codename “Sabrina” will land yet, but plenty of other information has been circulating in the last month between leaks and XDA’s dive into a pre-release firmware image. The ovoid dongle will support Dolby Vision and pack a full redesigned Android TV experience — sort of a Chromecast on steroids. That means you’ll be able to install apps and games for your TV from the Play Store and navigate a fully interactive interface, rather than a static phone-controlled one.

Before you get too excited, do keep in mind this most recent leak is based on information from late last year, some of the particulars behind the mockups XDA found may have changed since then.

You’ll be able to snag it in three matte colors (black, white, and an off-white pink) with a simple-looking remote. Based on prior leaks, we expect it will cost somewhere around $80 when it lands — whenever that might be.

So, are you considering picking one up when it lands, or are you entirely uninterested?

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