‘Watch With Friends’ Syncs Your Remote Netflix Viewing Party

Three groups of people watching Netflix remotely.

Getting out of the house is more difficult than ever, putting a damper on any Netflix parties you were planning to binge the original three Karate Kid movies. But Caavo, the company behind a luxury universal remote control system, has a solution for you. Watch With Friends will sync your Netflix accounts so that you can watch together—from anywhere.

The Watch With Friends app works with Roku and Apple TV devices and lets anyone with a Netflix account sync your shows. You’ll download the iOS app, Android app, or Chrome Extension and start a watch party by pasting the direct link to the show or movie you want to see (as found on Netflix’s site). Then you can share a newly generated link to your friends and family.

Everyone household will need a Netflix account to join in, and Apple TV users need a Caavo companion app to do the syncing work, but otherwise, you don’t need much to get going.

The best part is, everything is free. You don’t even need Caavo’s universal remote system. And if everyone downloads the Watch With Friends app, you can chat while you watch Daniel Larusso violate the rules of a karate match by performing an illegal crane kick to the face.

Source: Caavo

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