The NexDock Touch Is a $250 Laptop Dock for Your Phone or Raspberry Pi


A mobile docking station with a touchscreen display, a keyboard, and a trackpad.

Why buy a brand new laptop when you already own a super-powered smartphone? That’s the idea behind the NexDock Touch, a mobile docking station with a touchscreen display, a keyboard, and a trackpad. Once you connect  your phone to the NexDock, it automatically enters “Desktop” mode and acts like a regular computer. Genius, right?

In some ways, the NexDock Touch might be a little too ahead of its time. The dock only works with Android phones that have a desktop mode built in. And, as of now, the Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, S10, and S20 are the only devices that automatically enter desktop mode when plugged into an external display. Other devices with Android 10 can also enter a desktop mode, but you have to dig through your developer options to set things up.

However, you can also use the NexDock Touch as a portable docking station for mini computers like the Raspberry Pi. The NexDock has enough juice to power the Pi on its own, effectively making it one of the most convenient solutions for Pi users on the go. You could even plug a game console or streaming stick into the NexDock if you’re feeling adventurous.

The NexDock Touch is available for preorder today. It costs $250 and will ship on August 31st of this year. NexDock also plans to release an accessory that lets you mount your phone to the side of your NexDock Touch, although the company hasn’t clarified when the accessory will launch.

Source: NexDock via Liliputing

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