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The Nest Audio could deliver home cinema sound for your Chromecast


Google’s Nest Audio smart speaker could have a hidden feature up its sleeve. According to a new leak, the Nest Audio could pair up with your Google Chromecast to offer home cinema-level sound.

The news comes from u/natelar on Reddit (via 9to5Google).

It turns out the meta description for the Nest Audio on Google’s storefront may offer some insight into what the smart speaker is capable of beyond what Google has also revealed.

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A screenshot of the search result shared by the Reddit user shows the phrase, “With Chromecast & Google TV Nest Audio becomes your home theater sound…” within the description for Google’s Nest Audio.

Reddit user u/TheManWithSaltHair also commented on the post to share that the UK store includes the same meta content tag, but with the phrase “home cinema” rather than “home theater”.

This would essentially mean that Chromecast with Google TV users will be able to pair up their Nest Audio speakers to create an affordable surround sound setup for the streaming dongle.

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The feature isn’t mentioned in the Google Store’s Nest Audio page beyond the search description, leading many Redditors to question whether the feature didn’t make the deadline when the Nest Audio was announced. The Nest Audio was unveiled alongside Google’s newest Chromecast at the company’s September 30 event, so it’s possible the company was working on the feature before this date and it simply failed to make the cut.

9to5Google also notes that Google sells a “Home of Entertainment Package” with two Nest Audio speakers, a Chromecast with Google TV and the Nest Hub Max, which would be a great deal if you’re looking to take advantage of this potential feature.

For now, Google has yet to officially unveil the feature or go into detail about how it would work, but we hope to hear more about the home cinema system soon.

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