The Glassie Screen Protector Shows Your Style While Your Phone Sleeps

Four phones with artwork displayed on the sleeping screens.

Usually, the point of the screen protector is to save your phone from nasty scratches. But one company thinks it can do more. Glassie’s $39 screen protectors show a fun image on your phone’s display when it’s off. Wake up your phone, and it’s business as usual. Pre-orders open today, though for now, it’s only offering a few choices for iPhones.

Glassie uses a proprietary “Phantom Printing” process to infuse a triple-layered tempered glass screen protector with an image. The middle layer contains the image or string of text, and somewhat like a two-mirror, it only shows when the phone’s display is off. Turn the screen on, and the bright light from your smartphone shines right through.

Several sleeping phones showing images on their screens.

Down the road, you’ll be able to choose custom images or text following some basic parameters or choose from one of many pre-made options. But to start, the company will only offer four text options, and only for iPhones. But so long as your iPhone is a relatively recent model (everything from iPhone X to iPhone 12 mini), you’re good to go. You can choose from simple quotes like, “today is a good day” and “always be your own sunshine.”

While Glassie says that its printing process allows you to fill every bit of the screen protector, it recommends limiting what you choose (when customization is possible). You’ll get the best results when you cover about a quarter of the phone’s display. More pre-made options are coming, and the early images are promising.

While some people may argue that you don’t need a screen protector, we won’t fault you if you prefer to err on the side of caution. And as long as you spending money on a screen protector, why not get one that shows off a little style? At least until you wake your phone. You can pre-order a Glassie screen protector today, and it should deliver in in February.

A styling screen protector

Glassie Screen protector

The Glassie screen protector serves as more than you usual tempered-glass screen protector. Put your phone to sleep and it will show a fun image or string of text.

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