The Best SSD and Hard Drive Deals for Amazon Prime Big Deal Days

The Best SSD and Hard Drive Deals for Amazon Prime Big Deal Days

Samsung 990 Pro SSD

Credit: Kyle Cobian

Keeping stuff in the cloud is all well and good, but when your network drops, you’ll want your files nearby. Thankfully, storage is more affordable than ever, whether you opt for a solid-state drive or a traditional hard disk. We’ve combed the major retailers to hunt down the best deals out there, featuring major discounts on storage solutions that hold up to 18 terabytes. It’s Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, so prices are super low.

The Hottest SSD and HDD Deals Right Now

The Best Internal SSD Deals

Keeping your drive inside your computer is the traditional way to go, and internal SSDs are typically faster and less expensive than external drives. Definitely cross-check to make sure that these storage devices are compatible with your desktop or laptop. But with capacities up to 6GB, you won’t need much more than this to keep your data close.

Samsung 990 PRO 2TB Internal SSD

Samsung 990 PRO 2TB Internal SSD Credit: Credit: Amazon

Samsung 990 PRO 2TB Internal SSD

The best midrange SSD deal we’ve seen in a bit is 15% off of this reliable and spacious 2TB Samsung drive. It’s capable of up to 1400K/1550K IOPS, even with drastically reduced power consumption. It also comes with Samsung’s Magician optimization tools to get the most out of the hardware, as well as a free two-month subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud Photography. In its review, PCMag called it a step up above its already-fast predecessor.

Crucial MX500 1TB Internal SSD

Crucial MX500 1TB Internal SSD Credit: Credit: Amazon

Crucial MX500 1TB Internal SSD

Although this isn’t one of the best-known brands out there, real heads know that Crucial makes reliable high-quality drives at a very attractive price point. After a corporate takeover in 2019, the company upped its game considerably, and this internal drive is a great example. A full terabyte of storage for under fifty bucks is an absolutely killer deal. It also comes with 256-bit hardware-based encryption and Integrated Power Loss Immunity to preserve data in the event of an electrical issue.

WD_BLACK SN850X 4TB Internal SSD

WD_BLACK SN850X 4TB Internal SSD Credit: Credit: Amazon

WD_BLACK SN850X 4TB Internal SSD

This is normally a pricey little drive, but it blows the competition out of the water in both storage and speed. With a massive four terabytes of space, you can throw your entire game library on here with space for a couple dozen movies to spare. Transfer speeds up to 7,300MB/s means there’s no delay in loading or saving data. This is a top-of-the-line SSD and getting $400 off is a ridiculous deal.

The Best External SSD Deals

If you need a little more portability in your storage solution, an external SSD is the way to go. These have come a long way since the measly flash memory sticks and can now hold massive amounts of data and transfer it back and forth through USB-C to laptops, desktops, and other devices. They’re also housed in durable casings to survive frequent transport.

SanDisk Extreme Portable 2TB External SSD

SanDisk Extreme Portable 2TB External SSD Credit: Credit: Best Buy

SanDisk Extreme Portable 2TB External SSD

Nearly half off the retail price is great savings on this external drive, which PCMag called “a solid external SSD for frequent travelers and content creators alike” in its review. With an IP55 water- and dust-resistance rating, it’s durable enough that you don’t have to worry about it in your suitcase. Solid transfer speeds via USB Type-A or Type-C get up to 1,050MB/s maximum read speed.

VectoTech Rapid 8TB External SSD

VectoTech Rapid 8TB External SSD Credit: Credit: Amazon

VectoTech Rapid 8TB External SSD

This is already one of the most affordable high-capacity external solid-state drives on the market, and getting 20% off the retail price just makes it even more attractive. A portable 8TB SSD would have been a fantasy just a few years ago, but now you can back up massive amounts of data, whatever it may be. USB 3.1 second-generation support gives it good transfer speeds, and the Aluminum 1050-grade casing dissipates heat while resisting scratches and dings.

Kingston XS2000 External SSD

Kingston XS2000 External SSD Credit: Credit: Amazon

Kingston XS2000 1TB External SSD

PCMag reviewed this pint-sized powerhouse and gave it the Editors’ Choice award, saying that “within its diminutive frame is a fast, durable, and powerful SSD that can take advantage of the latest USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 technology.” This thing is seriously small, measuring just 0.5 by 1.3 by 2.7 inches and weighing a single ounce, but it’s a rugged and durable unit that attains high I/O speeds with a USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 port.

The Best HDD Deals

For the maximum amount of storage possible, you’ve got to go old-school with a hard disk drive. Although these are more vulnerable to mechanical wear than solid-state drives, hard disks are time-tested technology that is reliable and affordable. These are both internal drives and external drives, some of which are designed for desktops and others for laptops.

WD Red Pro 18TB Internal HDD

WD Red Pro 18TB Internal HDD Credit: Credit: Best Buy

WD Red Pro 18TB Internal HDD

What would you even put in 18 terabytes of storage? Just to do a little bit of back-of-the-envelope math, that’s around 4,500 movies or 117 million pages of documents. That’s a lot of fan fiction! This is a durable and solid desktop hard disk drive that maxes out at 272MB/s read/write speed. Taking $170 off of retail for a drive at the cutting edge of capacity is a very sweet deal.

Seagate BarraCuda 8TB Internal HDD

Seagate BarraCuda 8TB Internal HDD Credit: Credit: Amazon

Seagate BarraCuda 8TB Internal HDD

Seagate’s BarraCuda drives are some of the most ubiquitous hard disks out there, found in hundreds of thousands of machines and in configurations from 240GB to 14TB. This is right in the middle in terms of price and performance. It’s a nice solid drive that has tons of good reviews. One thing we love about this drive is its minimal packaging—just an anti-static bag makes Mother Earth very happy.

WD Black D10 8TB External HDD

WD Black D10 8TB External HDD Credit: Credit: Best Buy

WD Black D10 8TB External HDD

This is an absolute tank of an external hard drive, and PCMag gave it an “Excellent” rating in its 2020 review. If you set up your gaming battlestation with a small internal SSD for your system files, this is going to be the companion piece that stores all of your downloads. The Black D10 isn’t the fastest drive on the market, pushing data at 140MBps, but what it lacks in speed it makes up in capacity. The rugged, grip-friendly casing also looks super cool.

SSD and HDD Buying Guide

Looking to upgrade your storage? Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Internal SSDs and HDDs come in a number of form factors, with the most popular now being the M.2 “gumstick” variety, although 2.5-inch drives still have plenty of use cases. Typically there’s more variance in solid-state drives because they don’t require a mechanical spool. Make sure that the model you’re purchasing will fit in your machine — consult the manual or the manufacturer’s website for specifications.

  2. Storage drives also use a number of different interfaces, and compatibility is important there as well. The two primary options are SATA and PCIe, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the data transfer protocol is also different between units. Make sure they match.

  3. Performance-wise, there are two factors that matter: size and speed. Both increase cost, so balancing your budget with how much space you want is key. Thankfully, drive prices are lower than ever when you take into account how capacious they are, so you can get massive multi-terabyte drives for pretty cheap.

Frequently Asked SSD and HDD Questions

How Do I Know What SSD I Should Get?

The sheer variety of different solid-state drives on the market can be a little overwhelming. Purchasing with purpose is the way to get the best value moving forward. If you’re moving files between locations, you obviously need an external SSD. If you plan to build a desktop that keeps system files on an SSD and program files on an HDD, a smaller solid-state drive will be more cost-effective. If you need to store massive amounts of data on a budget, an HDD is going to be the best option.

Which SSD Is Better, SATA or NVMe?

The major difference in solid-state drives is their interface method. Serial ATA technology is older and works the same way that traditional mechanical drives did, while Non-Volatile Memory Express was designed to work exclusively with SSDs. NVMe uses the PCIe bus, which is being regularly updated and expanded to exploit additional lanes of data transfer, increasing speed and capacity with each generation. In general, NVMe will provide better results but SATA may be compatible with more systems.

How Big of an SSD Do I Really Need?

As the great computer scientist Tupac Shakur famously said, “Only God can judge you.” We’re proponents of investing a little extra than you think you need to for a more spacious drive. Given the skyrocketing sizes of file installs, with some AAA games coming in at over 100GB, you’ll find whatever drive you buy filling up fast. It’s smart to future-proof your setup now as opposed to buying a patchwork of external storage later.

The Hottest SSD and HDD Deals Right Now

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